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    FL - John Rowan, 34, Jacksonville, 23 Feb 2001

    Margaret "Peg" Rowan and her husband are fighters... heavyweight contenders in the battle of their lives. A tormenting struggle to find their missing son, John, Junior, who vanished on this date in 2001.

    "I just want answers. And I want answers soon!" cries Peg.

    "Because the pain just gets worse!"

    In February 2001, 34-year-old John Rowan was a partner in a First Coast Construction company with a loving wife and two young children.

    Then without explanation, he disappeared without a trace. His pickup truck was later found in Orlando, but John has not bee seen or heard from since.

    "Six long years of pain and suffering," said his mother, Peg.

    She is especially heartbroken for her two grandchildren who may never know what became of their father.

    "Looking at their little faces and seeing that John's not there to help Robert with his scouts now that he's involved in scouts. He's not there for Leisha's soccer matches. Everything that he was involved with himself as a young boy."

    The Rowans are offering $100,000 to the person who finds their son.


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    If someone was going to just leave their life and start a new one, why wipe the car clean of fingerprints? Sounds fishy... I wonder if there were problems with his partners in the construction company...

    And another link mirrors my suspicions...
    "A handwriting expert hired by authorities believed that Rowan's signature may have been forged on a form transferring his life insurance policy benefits to his business partners. Rowan purchased the policy in April 1999, which is worth three million dollars. The beneficiaries were changed from Rowan's family to his partners in April 2000, ten months prior to his disappearance. Rowan's business partners have refused to publicly comment on the matter and hired an attorney. No charges have been filed against anyone in Rowan's case and it is not known if the insurance policy is related to his disappearance. Foul play is suspected in Rowan's case. "

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    Reward announced


    13 Dec 07

    Over the nearly seven years that John Rowan Jr. has been missing, his family has become convinced that he was killed. In an effort to get the case solved, on Thursday they announced a $200,000 reward for information leading to the capture and conviction of whoever was responsible.

    Rowan was 34 when he was last seen on Feb. 23, 2001.

    much more at link

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    Here are a few more websites showing John Rowan...

    John Rowen CAC Charities

    John Rowan Missing Person

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    Bones found Jacksonville

    Take Care,

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    Wow I sure hope it is him, I pray this family gets some peace.

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    Since he was dealing with Construction, I wonder if the Mob was involved. My brother lived in Florida and he said the Trafficante family was deep in the construction business.

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    For 15 years, Margaret Rowan has tried to find out what happened to her son.

    She was restless, so she started the John Rowan Jr. Foundation, and now she wants to raise money to bring a stone Celtic cross to Jacksonville with an inscription honoring John and all the other missing sons and daughters.


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