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    American Idol Runner-Up Diana DeGarmo's stolen identity drama

    (Bankrate.com) Teenage "American Idol" contestant Diana DeGarmo worked hard to prepare herself for success in show business. Unfortunately, one less ambitious fan decided to help herself to DeGarmo's bank account the easy way: by stealing her identity.

    The amazing full story at link: http://biz.yahoo.com/brn/070223/21087.html?.v=1

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    That is just horrible that someone would do that to her. Diana from the show, seemed like such a sweet girl. I was really pulling for her to win, Ive got her cd in fact and the girl can sing.

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    I wonder who the woman was. I see that they are going to sentence her in May. I am assuming that means this May, but I'm not sure. I see that she is from Australia, though. Scary to think that this can be done through information garnered from emails.