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    9 killed in Bronx house fire

    Eight children and an adult died and several others were injured in a house fire that authorities are calling one of New York's deadliest blazes in recent memory.

    Witnesses described a ghastly sight of a woman hurling children through broken windows in hopes of saving the kids from Wednesday night's inferno.

    "All I see is just a big cloud of white dust and out of nowhere comes the first baby," said Edward Soto, who managed to catch two of the children thrown from the window.

    All the while, screams of "help me, help me" spread through the three-story home, said Soto, who helped rescue the children with neighbor David Todd, 40.

    Fire Department spokesman Seth Andrews confirmed the death toll early Thursday. The cause of the fire had not been determined.

    At least 10 people were hurt, five of them seriously injured. Four firefighters and one other emergency worker were hospitalized with minor injuries.

    Michael Heller, spokesman at Jacobi Medical Center, said five children ranging in age from 2 to 6 were taken to the Bronx hospital. They are suffering smoke inhalation and burns, and three are in critical condition.

    One of the victims an infant less than a year old died at Jacobi, Heller said.


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    The pictures of the grieving family and friends just break my heart Prayers for these families and the community.

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