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    Jogger, 78

    Deputy Helps Man, 78, Survive Hit-and-Run

    (March 9) -- Eric Eaton is a 78-year-old in top physical shape. But on Monday, after going out for his daily three-mile jog, Eaton never returned home the former marathon runner was hit by a car.

    By the time police arrived at the scene, eyewitnesses told them it was too late. They had already discovered that Eaton wasn't breathing.

    "When I walked around the car, I saw an elderly male laying on the street with a blanket over him," said Tina Lacertosa, the deputy who showed up at the scene.

    But when she took a second look, Lacertosa realized Eaton still had life left in him.

    "I lifted up the blanket, and I thought I felt a slight pulse, so at that time I just began CPR. And within 15 to 30 seconds Mr. Eaton -- began coughing," she said.

    An Angel in Uniform

    On "Good Morning America," Eaton, his wife, Joan, and Lacertosa talked about Eaton's near-death experience from his hospital bed in Hollywood, Fla.

    Clutching his wife with one hand and Lacertosa with the other, Eaton said he barely recalled getting struck by the car.


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    Quite a story. Reminds me of my uncle, who at 80 plus was the lifeguard at the YMCA!

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