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    NY - Florence Bock, 83, New York City, 2003

    NEW YORK - Authorities are trying to determine if a pile of bones found in a Bronx home are those of a woman who apparently went missing four years ago.

    Little is known about what happened to 83-year-old Florence Bock. When a cleaning crew came to the home where she once lived last week, they discovered the remains a pile of bones, including a skull, lying next to a cane.

    more at link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070311/...brf_found_dead

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    What a sad story. I wonder why a crew all of a sudden showed up to clean the place. I remember a friend of mine who works in real estate saying that you'd be surprised how many people die without a will/no relatives. It seems that may have happened with this woman.
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    NY - Florence Bock, 83, New York City, 2003

    They must not of looked for this woman to hard. I can't understand this one, she must not of had family. Still you would think they would have checked her house when she was reported missing.


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    I can't believe that this actually happened She was reported missing. Not one person looked in her home to see if she was there. How did they know she was missing if they hadn't checked her home? I think LE should be hanging their heads in shame for this poor little old lady who lay there until all that was left of her was her bones and her cane. Such a sad thing. Such a horrible thing.

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    Are they saying that no one had been in that home for 4 years? Didn't anyone care about that little old lady? Didn't she have one soul in the town she lived in that noticed that she hadn't been seen? That is just so sad and horrible. There she lay all by herself until she was just a pile of bones and a cane. How lonely she must have been before she died. I wonder if she fell and couldn't get up and just lay there and starved to death. I hope not.

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    Her remains were found next to her cane. And apparently the house was being utilized as a crack house... So I guess drug addicts don't care about the dead lady in the living room...

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