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    FL - Real cops nab alleged fake cops

    What started as an investigation into strange police transmissions yielded more than 50 arrests in connection with stolen police equipment.

    Some were ''wannabe cops'' who couldn't make the cut.
    Others had more sinister motives, such as looting the homes and cars of real police officers, authorities say.
    A seven-month probe into police impersonators and police car burglaries across Miami-Dade County has yielded more than 50 arrests and documented troubling crimes, police say.
    ''These crimes go to the fabric of policing,'' said Miami-Dade robbery Maj. Tyrone White. ``Not only are citizens in danger, but so are police officers,''
    Since July 21, 2006, some 77 police cars along with officers' personal cars and their homes have been burglarized, said the members of the police task force dubbed Operation Blue Streak. Police from agencies across the county have been victimized.
    Among the task force's findings:
    • Bold ''wannabe cops'' last year looted police officers' homes and cars and even a Miami-Dade Special Response Team van in a police parking lot.
    • Fake officers may have assumed the identities of real ones by using their department ID numbers, pulled over motorists and even dispatched fake orders to real officers to divert them from actual crime scenes.
    • Twenty-five assault rifles and other guns, eight bulletproof vests, 16 police-programmed radios, badges, ID cards, police lights and other gear were seized. Police worry much more equipment has ended up in the hands of criminals.

    more at the link http://www.miamiherald.com/460/story/55100.html

    Holy crap! Every now and then you hear about somebody impersonating a police officer but this is ridiculous!
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    This is big! I'm glad they caught them before they could do any further harm.

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    Can you imagine how brazen you have to be to steal from cops? I can't believe they got away with it for this long.

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