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    FL - Naked Sex Offender Zapped With Stun Gun

    PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- Police zapped a naked sex offender with a Taser stun gun after he tried to run away, authorities said.

    Residents started calling police about the naked man in their neighborhood early Monday morning, according to police.

    More reports followed, and an officer eventually caught up with Randell W. Wilken, 52, Tuesday morning.

    The officer chased Wilken between apartments and around a playground, ordering him to stop. When he got close enough, the officer warned Wilken that he had a Taser stun gun and then shot the naked man in the shoulder, the report said.

    "This is not a first-time offense for him," police spokesman Robert Vega said. "This is what he does."

    Wilken has been arrested 13 times for indecent exposure, the Palm Beach Post reported.

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    I don't think I would have zapped his "shoulder"....... especially after reading the child fondling offenses.

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    This person has been arrested 13 times...convicted for rape and child molestation. Why was he still on the streets? What does he have to do to make the judicial system believe that he is a dangerous person and should be locked away?

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    Insanity and our messed up judicial system - no room in the jails!

    I just bet this guy loves the attention and all these uniformed men running after him while he is in his glory! What a perverted sicko. But they are everywhere. I even encountered one while waiting for the bus one day. Years ago, thank heavens, as now at 62 I'd probably faint dead over.

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    Sometimes I think there should be a review of everyone who is currently in jail or prison, and those who are in there for, say, marijuana related offenses, should be paroled immediately. Thus allowing room for these sex-offenders who are roaming free in our streets, endangering our children and grandchildren!

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