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    NY - Man Dead, Woman Rescued from Rubble


    WOODMERE, New York (AP) -- An elderly woman was rescued after being found buried beneath a pile of debris, garbage and animal feces in a home, authorities said. An elderly man was found dead.
    Helen Bushwick, 85, was discovered Thursday when volunteer firefighters went to the two-story house on Long Island after relatives said they couldn't reach her. Debris mixed with human and animal waste was piled high in every room, some all the way to the ceiling.

    More at link

    This is so sad. Where was this couples family and friends? This was obviously going on for a long time to get that bad.
    Happy New Years

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    It is sad but more common than we realise. There are many people out there who can go for years without friends or family knowing how bad their homes become. They just can't let go of things, even if it's trash and filth to other people and before they know it everything is impossible, repairs etc can't be made to the home because they can't allow anyone to find out how they live and they can even keep a job, looking very well groomed to the public. It's a terrible condition that people find themselves in.


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    Racoon feces was found in the home, so they must have been getting into the home. How sad.

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    I read this earlier today and was taken with the enormity of it all. The insistence by seniors to be independent even when it doesn't behoove them. I wonder when we start losing our rationale about it and insist?

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    WHOA. This is 10 mins from my house (I was in woodmere today) and I didn't even hear about this. I have to go read about it more.
    Here is a link with Video.
    (04/13/07) WOODMERE - Police discovered another person buried underneath garbage in a Woodmere home Friday, but this time it was too late. Firefighters discovered 85-year-old Helen Bushwick buried alive in 3 feet of garbage at her home Thursday. They said garbage was piled up to the ceiling in some parts of the house and a good deal of digging was needed to get her out. Authorities returned to Bushwick's house Friday to search for her 94-year-old brother-in-law, who was last seen Friday, April 6. Officials discovered the man's body around 7 p.m. and pronounced him dead. His identity has not been released.
    The Town of Hempstead has declared the home "uninhabitable." Bushwick is recovering at Franklin Hospital Medical Center in Valley Stream.

    Video : http://news12.cv.net/video/FLGROSST.wmv

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