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    CA - Eureka, Female Torso, 18-25, SK victim, in Ryan Slough, Oct'97

    I just saw this article in my hometown newspaper and wanted to help get it some wide spread coverage. I haven't yet found out much about this case or about "Humboldt County Jane Doe", but felt a new thread on this case might be worth a look.


    On October 26, 1997, a duck hunter was canoeing on the Ryan Slough near Eureka when he noticed an object that resembled a mannequin on the muddy bank. When he approached the object he realized that that it was the butchered remains of a woman that was missing a head, arms and legs. The hunter, who had a mobile phone, immediately contacted the Humboldt County Police.

    When investigators arrived at the scene, they saw that the victim's torso had been sliced down the middle and almost completely disemboweled. Moreover, the woman's breasts had been cut off and there were approximately 30 stab wounds on her body. Because there were no fingers to fingerprint, head, tattoos or unusual features on the torso, investigators were unable to identify the woman.

    The woman, whose remains were referred to as Jane Doe, was examined by the county coroner. The coroner determined that she was likely between the ages of 18 and 25, and had a dark complexion. It was believed that Jane Doe had been dead at least three or four days before she was discovered.

    Almost three months after the autopsy, Jane Doe's arm and hand were found near a beach. However, the body parts had deteriorated so much that there was no way a fingerprint analysis could be conducted. Investigators realized that Jane Doe's identity might never be discovered.
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    It doesn't look like anyone's looked at this case since it was initially posted over six years ago and I've seen how many clever and resourceful sleuths there are here. So get to work people!

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    Can't find NAMUS or Doe files for her. Any idea how to have these made? It breaks my heart to think of how many missing people & UIDs there are who are forgotten due to this.

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    I hate these cases where we know the killer but not the ID of the victim! Ford told LE some about this girl, apparently she was a hitchiker and had large breasts. He also led LE to recover more parts of her body, including her thighs. I wonder if they could estimate her height based on them and the torso. Also some of his victims were prostitutes. Could she have possibly been one as well? Or was she just a hitchhiker. Interesting it says dark complexion, but no mention to possible race in either what Ford said or that earlier article.

    Here is some more info about her per an article on Ford:


    During interviews with police, Wayne revealed the location of some of the body parts of the unidentified woman he killed and dismembered. He claimed that he buried the woman's head and arms near the Mad River. The remaining parts, including the victim's thighs, were temporarily kept in his freezer before being buried at a Trinidad campsite.

    Investigators went to the campsite and to the Mad River to investigate Wayne's story. They were unable to find the victim's head, which reduced the likelihood of her being identified. However, they did manage to find at the campsite six or seven other body parts that were linked with Jane Doe.

    Wayne confessed that he picked up the woman whom was hitchhiking near Eureka. Smith suggested that Wayne was initially attracted to the woman because of her large breasts, something for which Wayne had a fixation. He told investigators that he took her back to his trailer, had rough sex and then strangled her. It was a process he repeated on three other occasions. However, unlike with the other victims, he dismembered the unidentified woman in his bathtub with a saw and knives. He said that he dismembered her because it made it easier to dispose of her body.

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    Seems like this woman has just been forgotten. No Doe Network or NamUs profiles that I could find. This woman needs a name. How can we get her added to Doe and NamUs?

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    Bumping, this woman deserves her name back, and as jjohnston0827 said how do we get her into Doe Network or NamUs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CreoleMoon View Post
    Bumping, this woman deserves her name back, and as jjohnston0827 said how do we get her into Doe Network or NamUs?
    You can submit to Doe Network here: http://www.doenetwork.org/forms/inde...841551?lang=en

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    I think this might be the link


    Serial killer’s victim could be from Colorado

    Wanted: The identity of Humboldt County Jane Doe, believed to have been the first victim of convicted serial killer Wayne Adam Ford.

    The torso of the woman, thought to be between 20 and 30 years old, was found in a California slough in 1997. Though in 2006 Ford was convicted of her murder and the gruesome deaths of three other women — Tina Gibbs, Lanett White and Patricia Tamez — no one has been able to positively identify Doe.

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