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    VT - Lynda Moore, 36, Saxtons River, 15 April 1986

    VSP info

    VSP press release

    State Police hope for break in old homicide

    In the late '80s, the remains of at least six young women had been dumped beside back roads along Interstate 91 in a stretch that straddled Vermont and New Hampshire. A killer had slit throats and stabbed victims repeatedly in the lower abdomen.

    The cases came to be known as the Connecticut River Valley slayings.

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    A cold case heats up
    By PATRICK J. CROWLEY, Reformer Staff
    Posted: 04/18/2007 03:03:06 AM EDT

    Twenty-one years later, the investigation remains open. Detective Lt. William Jenkins, at the state police barracks in Rockingham, has been in charge of the investigation since last winter. He inherited stacks and stacks of police documents and evidence.
    "We definitely remain hopeful that someday we can solve it," Jenkins said.

    Lynda Moore was found dead by her husband at their home on Route 121 after he arrived home from work. Word of her death spread quickly in the town and a day later people worriedly locked their doors, kept a closer eye on their children and followed the news reports closely.
    Police seek answers to a murder in 1986
    Published April 15, 2007 in the Rutland Herald
    Staff Report

    Vermont State Police Detective Sgt William Jenkins released a statement Friday to draw attention to the anniversary and make a public appeal for help.

    "Despite the time that has passed, it is likely that someone in the public has information that would lead us to Lynda Moore's killer," Jenkins wrote in the release. "That person may think the information is insignificant, or they may have been afraid to come forward for any number of reasons. We urge anyone with information to come forward and talk to us."

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    In "Shadow of Death," the author identifies a local boy, a marine home on leave and later discharged for emotional disturbances, who fell under suspicion for this murder. Since he uses a pseudonym, it's kind of difficult to track what happened to him after the case went cold but he definitely sounded like a promising lead. Does anyone know more about this?
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    In addition to the disturbed young marine, there was another POI in the Lynda Moore murder, a local man who claimed to have psychic abilities and "saw" the crime happen. There was a similar figure who popped up in the Heidi Martin case. Does anyone know if these two men are the same person?
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    Ive read the Shadow of Death and through "old-timers" have been told names of who the book was about. I don't recall the local guy who had visions of the murder although Im pretty local to this case. I went to school with Lynda's son and remember the murder well. There was always some speculation that the killer was not a stranger to Lyndia.

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