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    Michelle's Memorial Star...A letter from Samiya to Linda Fisher

    (Mods: Please leave this here)

    Dear Linda,

    I can barely express how I feel at this very moment, looking at the photo of the beautiful star on top of Michelle's memorial tree. I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat the size of Texas.

    That you have taken my poem for Cassidy which I posted in CourtTV forum and made it a symbol of Michelle's love for Cassidy truly has me humbled and very honoured. I feel as though you flew my heart to New York so that I could be there for Michelle too, although I am thousands of miles away.

    Thank you Linda with all my heart.....


    For posters here who are members of CTV forum, here is the poem which I wrote and dedicated For Cassidy. It has the same rhyme as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and it appears on the star on top of Michelle's memorial tree. http://www.statiaphotography.com/memorial2/default.htm

    Photo number: DSC_0147

    Unfortunately I can't find the thread at CTV in which I originally posted it as the 'thread opener' as it seems to be gone now, but I am over the moon that Linda has made it a symbol in the form of a star and made it from Michelle to Cassidy. The only changes made to the poem are the words 'burning' to 'shining'.

    Mummy's star is burning bright
    Shining down on you tonight
    While you're sleeping in your bed
    Gentle kisses upon your head
    Mummy's star is burning bright
    Full of love for you tonight.

    For Cassidy.



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    Sami, you are so very special. I am in tears.

    God bless sweet Cassidy.

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    Yes Sami, That was a really SWEET poem, just right to express the perfect thought.

    And the STAR, with the poem etched in, Oh, it is very special, and I am sure Linda will keep it forever!

    Krams Scandi

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    it's a beautiful poem, sami. What a fantatsic idea to have your words etched into the star. it made a wonderful tribute to michelle and cassidy.

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    How you must have touched Linda's heart...absolutely wonderful!
    Kindness from strangers is an amazing gift.


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    Ohhhh Sami! I am crying too.

    Thank you for posting the poem. (The link doesn't work for me).
    What a wonderful person you are to create such a lovely poem which obviously touched the Fishers' hearts. I'm so glad you were able to reach out and let this family and especially Cassidy know that you (and others) really do care. You've brought them comfort in their time of need. God Bless you!

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    What a lovely heart you have Sami. I'm so proud for you.

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    I remember that poem Sami, simply wonderful. I remember thinking at the time how it reminded me of the story where Michelle sang Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to Cassidy at bedtime. I am so grateful Linda got to see it and it touched her on such a level to commemorate it to Michelle.

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    What a sweet thing to do for Michelle's mom, Sami. I am sure that Michelle is smiling down on you from heaven for providing such comfort to her loved ones. I am sure Cassidy will treasure this poem forever.

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    I don't post here but I remain very interested in seeing justice done in this case, and Sami, I was drawn to this thread and am so touched by your gesture for Michelle and her family. God bless you. I know you helped comfort her mom greatly, and Cassidy will always treasure the poem and the star as she grows up.

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