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    Washington's beloved panda cub to stay!

    For anyone here who enjoys pandas, as I and a certain lady from Cali do (hi Kris!):
    From the National Zoo website


    April 24: Tai Will Stay at the Zoo for Two More Years!

    We are very happy to announce that Tai Shan will remain at the Zoo for two years past his second birthday, which is July 9.
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    I didn't see that you posted this story!! Yea!! Such good news for all of us panda lovers! I love Tai Shan!

    Thanks for posting!!

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    oh i love panda bears - i hope i get a chance to see the baby in the next two years!!!!

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    Excellent News--extension may allow us also to go see him--They are the cutest animals in the world

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    I just saw him a few weeks ago!! He is really very cute! We got a lot of pictures, they are still in the camera! Great news on the extension, maybe I will visit again.

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