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    Michigan Woman Rescued 2 Days After SUV Plunges Into Pond

    RICHMOND TOWNSHIP, Mich. A woman whose sport utility vehicle crashed into a Macomb County pond was trapped inside for two days before a passing motorist spotted the wreck, authorities said.
    Jennifer Bova, 21, of nearby Armada Township, was airlifted to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak Friday after a state trooper went into the pond and found her seriously injured inside the partially submerged 1991 Chevrolet Suburban.
    "We could use everybody's prayers," her father, Joe Bova, told the DetroitFree Press for a Saturday story.
    He said the last time he heard from his daughter was Wednesday night. She called on her cell phone to say she left church and was headed to her grandmother's house. On the way, she apparently drove off a road, down an embankment, into a tree and finally into the water.

    more at the link http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,269134,00.html
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    Wow, this area would be considered local for me, and I haven't even heard of this, either! Then again, like I said in a different thread, I haven't had the t.v. on all day because it's been so nice out and I've been so busy doing stuff, both inside and outside of the house.

    So glad that someone spotted her and she was rescued. Prayers for her and her family & friends.
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    Wow scary situation. I am sure glad someone saw her and hope she recovers completely.

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