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    Megan's Law offender gets 31 years

    This is good news.....

    Meganís Law sex offender sentenced to 31 years in prison
    The Titusville man was convicted of 10 counts of sexual abuse of children.
    A Titusville man already listed as a sex offender under Meganís Law was sentenced to 31 years in jail for viewing child pornography on the Internet and storing the images on a family memberís computer. Jeffrey L. Dean, 41, was convicted in November of 10 counts of sexual abuse of children for possessing child pornography and one count of criminal use of a communication facility. He was sentenced by President Judge H. William White last week to 102 to 382 months in prison followed by 10 years probation. He must also pay $1,100 in fines.
    Dean, who was determined to be a sex offender after a 1996 conviction for indecent exposure, was reclassified as a sexually violent predator, the most serious classification of sex offender, following a recent Meganís Law hearing.
    Deanís attorney, Venango County Public Defender Amy Johnston, said she plans to file an appeal in the case.
    Dean used a computer ..(snip).... to view pornographic pictures of children, store them and share them with other Internet users, assistant district attorney James Carbone said at Deanís trial.

    Police were alerted to the images after Dean admitted during a group counseling session that he had been viewing child pornography on the computer and having contact with young children, which usually consisted of saying ďhelloĒ in passing and not reporting the interactions with his counselor.
    Johnston admitted at the trial that Dean viewed the pictures but said he did not mean to save them to the computer. ...(snip)...

    A jury of five men and seven women deliberated for less than an hour before finding Dean guilty on all counts.

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    Johnston admitted at the trial that Dean viewed the pictures but said he did not mean to save them to the computer. She argued that Dean did not commit a crime because he did not knowingly save or download the pictures onto the computer.
    let me see if i understand the defence....yes my client was looking at child porn but he didnt mean to leave proof so you should find him not guilty......

    ok i know every1 is should get a fair trial and have a good lawyer but at some point do lawyers that defend this scum have to kill their common sense? my client is not guilt cuz he did it but didnt mean to get caught... hell anymore i am shocked the jury didnt buy it.

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    WHY only 31 years????? How about LWOP??

    Our system is so screwed up.

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    So he was convicted once before, and the second go around he gets 31 years, which we all know he'll be paroled before he does all his time...why are these sick people let out over and over and over to reoffend?
    Instead of coming up with the harshest sentences possible to keep them from doing this we come up with bs like "flourescent tags" for sex offenders cars...give me a freakin' break...