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    Bring your own toilet paper!!!

    I guess I am going to have to buy a bigger purse if this becomes a trend. Will men have to start carrying one to hold their roll? This is ridiculous. Everyone should not have to pay for what a couple of people did. This is a gross over-reaction as far as I am concerned.


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    Oh, gosh. i always take my own toilet paper with me anyway. public toilets anywhere are not renowned for having anything but thin, hard sheets, IMO. so i bring my own.

    one doesn't need to carry a roll . . . folded works.

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    vandalism and drug use in public parks.... oh, go figure.. it's maryland.

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    The measure is part of an effort to combat vandalism, graffiti and drug use in the parks.

    They think by taking out the TP, it will stop vandalism, graffiti and drug use????

    That's the problem - THE TOILET PAPER?????

    Take out the TP and the problems will disappear??? - makes sense to me.

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    What's with all the toilet paper news lately?