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    IN - Ethan Dixon, 16, & Kimberly Dowell, 15, Muncie, 28 Sept 1985

    Does anyone remember a murder that occured in Muncie abck in the 1980's I think it was 1985 or 1986. It was a young couple who had been out on a date and they were in the parking lot of a community park. I think they had both been shot. I was living with my grandparents at the time and remember hearing about this but don't know if the case was ever solved.

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    Does this sound like the murder you're talking about? From the article, I don't get the impression it was ever solved.


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    Quote Originally Posted by STEADFAST View Post
    Does this sound like the murder you're talking about? From the article, I don't get the impression it was ever solved.

    Yeah that's it!!!! Thanks. Always wondered if this was ever solved.

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    You know, I can't find anoher thing online about this murder. I can't believe that it was just dropped.

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    a little info

    . . . Circumstances: Dowell and Dixon were on a date and had parked in Westside Park near White River. A police officer found them shot to death around 11 p.m. Investigators focused on one suspect they described as being close to one of the victims. No one was ever arrested. . . .
    . . . These unsolved killings represent a disturbing trend in crime and public safety over the past four decades. The number of homicides resulting in arrests in that time period has decreased from 93 to 63 percent, according to Cleveland State University sociologist Wendy Regoeczi.. . .

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    Tom Spurgeon

    This is the myspace for the friend of Ethans who wrote the article in comics reporter. I was tempted to contact him. What do you guys think?

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    Westside Park Murders

    Westside Park Murders: 25 years later
    The 1985 slaying of two Muncie teenagers remains one of the community's enduring mysteries.
    Sep. 16, 2013 5:39 PM

    Kimberly Dowell and Ethan Dixon pose for a photo in 1985. The couple are standing in front of the car they were shot inside later that year in Muncie's Westside Park. / Photo provided

    The murders

    Shortly before midnight on Saturday, Sept. 28, 1985, Muncie police K-9 officer Terry Winters was walking his canine partner in Westside Park, along White River Boulevard not far from Tillotson Avenue. Although city parks closed at 11 p.m., a few cars remained in the park, but that wasn't unusual. Back in his vehicle and ready to leave the park to check out a complaint of a loud party at a westside apartment complex, Winters noticed fresh tire tracks leading to a parked car.

    When his headlights swept the car and the occupants didn't react, Winters got out and walked up to the car. Its engine was still idling and a portable stereo was visible in the back. Two fully-clothed people, a young man and a young woman, were in the front seats.

    Dixon, president of the junior class at Northside High School and a debate team member, had been shot in the torso. Dowell, a junior varsity cheerleader who two weeks earlier had been elected to the court of the Northside homecoming queen, had been shot in the temple. The window glass on the passenger side of the car was shattered.

    But Weller said the circumstances of the Westside case are such that he remains uncertain "science would help you with that crime" if it had taken place in 2010. The killer likely left behind no DNA. While a gun holster was found in the car, investigators were unable to account for it. Rumors that Dixon had recently bought a gun were checked out by police but never confirmed and the weapon used to kill the teenagers -- a .38 caliber handgun -- was never found.


    "I think there was only one person" involved in the slayings, said Weller, retired from the department and now head of human resources for the city of Muncie. Based on his experience, Weller said, "It's unlikely in my mind that the murderer did not know the victim(s). ... There's almost always a motive for murder."

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    Police have a new suspect in the 1985 slayings of two teenagers in Muncie's Westside Park...

    Investigators who have completed a two-year review of the notorious crime said they are confident they have narrowed to one person the list of suspects in the slayings of Kimberly Dowell and Ethan Dixon 29 years ago this month... they cautioned that focusing on a single suspect after nearly three decades doesn't necessarily mean that an arrest is imminent.

    The detectives said they have told Dowell and Dixon's remaining family members about the developments. Cox and Sloan did not disclose the name of the suspect in the interview.

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    A follow-up from the article done last year.

    "Is Westside Park killer already in prison?"


    The man who killed two teenagers in a Muncie park 30 years ago this month might never be charged with those slayings. But authorities say the man they believe committed the notorious crime is already in prison.

    Authorities in recent days said that man is incarcerated for a crime unrelated to the 1985 Westside Park killings. His scheduled release from custody is apparently several years off.

    Nathan Sloan a Muncie police officer who in recent years has conducted an extensive investigation into the September 1985 slayings of Northside High School students Kimberly Dowell and Ethan Dixon confirmed the man is the same suspect he referred to when interviewed for a September 2014 article in The Star Press.

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    Here's a picture of these kids, who were taken much too soon.


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