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    GA - Off-duty Atlanta cop accused of rape

    Found this story in the AJC. It's hard to imagine that off duty cops think they are above the law. Makes me sick!

    Woman alleges cop rape in lawsuit
    Atlanta officer suspended from force for behavior at Virginia-Highland bars

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published on: 05/09/07
    When a Virginia-Highland woman complained to Atlanta police that one of their men in blue was harassing her, the officer retaliated by raping her and videotaping the crime, prosecutors allege in an indictment.
    Lamar Gavin, 26, the son of prominent doctors, has since been suspended from the police force, but for unrelated reasons — outrageous off-duty behavior that got him banned from three Virginia-Highland bars, according to his personnel files obtained through the Georgia Open Records Act.


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    I read this article yesterday. Those pubs were my old stomping grounds. It is a terrible story and I hope this guy is kicked off the force if the allegations are true. Even if they aren't true, he is obvious trouble.

    I prefer all my bad cops to be on "The Shield."
    I do not intend to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death!

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    I can't imagine that it's not true, considering it was the police who contacted her and not the other way around. Plus it mentions him carrying her "limp" body.

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    i have a amazing amount of respect for police. they risk their lives to get between us and the people we post about on this board. i have one side of the family that has police officers in it. the other side hates police and thinks they are all power hungry storm troopers. i honestly think most police officers choose the job because they want to protect the innocent. i have no idea how many police we have in this country but i would guess it must be well over a million. we don't hear enough about the million who do their job every day.

    that being said.... if the tape shows what the DA says fry his butt. as a police officer u get the respect of most people. you have power over the average person. you are the face of the law that people have contact with the most. when a police officer crosses the line he not only commits a crime he gives a black eye to every good cop. he violates the trust of everyone who looks to LE to protect us. how tough it will be for this woman for the rest of her life to ever feel safe. as a rape victim she not only must fear men but she will fear the very people rape victims should be able to turn to.

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    Here is his myspace:


    Judging from his cheesy pictures I would say he certainly loves himself an awful lot.

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