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    CA - Dr. Gerald Crenshaw, 67, El Cajon, 22 March 2007


    EL CAJON – It's been nearly six weeks since El Cajon physician Gerald Crenshaw left work and disappeared, and his daughter says she stays up at night wondering whether he is dead or alive.

    Gerald Crenshaw
    Jodi Marinesi helped organize two backcountry searches for her father, who last was seen March 22 at his medical office on East Main Street near Greenfield Drive. After scouring the mountains and desert areas between Alpine and Ocotillo Wells, more than 100 volunteer searchers found nothing. El Cajon police Detective Mark Barber said the investigation into Crenshaw's disappearance is stalled.
    Marinesi considers a handful of clues to be the most significant:

    Crenshaw's car, a white 2003 Mitsubishi Galant, was found parked and locked at Lake Cuyamaca on March 28. There were no signs of a struggle. His wallet and cell phone were found on the front seat of the car, Marinesi said she was told by a detective. The wallet contained only Crenshaw's driver's license and was left open, so it could be seen from outside.

    An empty case for Crenshaw's Glock handgun was found in the car, Marinesi said. It was missing an ammunition clip but had two full clips.

    Five people reported seeing a man matching Crenshaw's description hitchhiking on Sunrise Highway on Friday, March 23.
    None of his bank accounts has been touched.

    The possibility that Crenshaw, 67, took his own life looms large. “It doesn't look so good, if you look at all the facts,” Marinesi said. “I think he knew that he was getting older. I think he must have realized that this devotion part of your life (to his job) was coming to an end. “I think either he was facing this whole idea of retiring, maybe loneliness, and very well could have been so depressed that something could have snapped. “And then, part of me thinks he just had it and took off,” Marinesi said. “Did he meet somebody? I think that's what's been keeping me up at night. That unknown. He wouldn't have done this to his grandkids, would he?” If he is alive, his daughter wants a phone call. “Tell us you're OK.”

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    Oh wow. He is in the peak demographic for suicide. Prayers for his family.

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    I wonder how well LE have searched the area all around where his car was found? He took his gun and walked away. If he was planning on suicide how far would he have walked? Was there woods near where the car was found? It seems pretty obvious that he wanted people to see who the car belonged to by leaving his wallet open and his license showing. Then there is the case for the gun laying right out there too. Seems to me that he was letting LE know what had happened to him. Now if they would just search the whole area around his vehicle they would no doubt find him. I hope they search and find him for his daughter's sake.

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    Missing Doctor's Body Found

    SAN DIEGO - The mystery surrounding the disappearance of an El Cajon doctor was solved Monday when an off-duty sheriff's deputy discovered his body while hiking near Highway 79 and Sunrise Highway, police said Tuesday.

    The medical examiner identified the body as Dr. Gerald Crenshaw, 67. A handgun was found by the body and the medical examiner determined that Crenshaw died from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. Officials identified the body based on clothing, jewelry and the serial number on the gun, police said.


    I guess this should be moved to the located area.

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    Aw, how sad.

    How close was his body to the area searched?

    I'm sorry for his daughter and grandchildren.

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    I hope to never be in such a ''black hole'' that I would feel the need to kill myself. I can't judge. I dont know what these people must be going through to end their life. This reminds me of the other guy who was on here about this age...supposedly he hit his head a few weeks before and he just never came home? I think he was also a doctor.....

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