FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 12 (UPI) -- A Florida man has been charged with kidnapping and assaulting a suspected burglar he believed had broken into his estranged wife's house.
Bryan Tynes was arrested after a woman saw him hitting Jerry Davis and called police, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.
Tynes began looking for Davis after someone burglarized the house Mary Lewis-Tynes shares with her sons in Fort Lauderdale, taking jewelry, electronic items and the boys' clothing and shoes. When he and his estranged wife reported the crime, a Broward County deputy showed them a flyer with Davis' photo.
By canvassing the neighborhood, Tynes found people who had bought some of his family's property from Davis.
Both men were arrested, but Davis, who was held on a probation violation charge, was released May 3 while Tynes remains behind bars.
Neighbors are sympathetic to Tynes, saying crime in the area has gotten out of hand. But police say he has not set a good example.
"It was basically somebody taking the law into his own hands," said Sheriff's Chief Louis Cavallo said.