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    Another grisly crime rocks Japan


    TOKYO - A teenage boy carrying a severed head walked into a Japanese police station Tuesday saying he killed his mother, the latest in a series of grisly dismemberments that have horrified a nation renowned for its low crime rate.

    The 17-year-old suspect led officers to his house in northern Fukushima prefecture (state) and pointed out his headless mother on her futon mattress, with a frank, "It's in here," Kyodo News reported.

    He told police he beheaded his mother on the eve of her 47th birthday while she slept, and added, "It didn't matter who I killed," Kyodo reported. Police confirmed the arrest.

    Japan has long prided itself on safe streets and low incidents of violent crime. But the latest killing triggered soul searching about what some worry is a disturbing new trend _ particularly with its mix of youthful aggression and icy remorselessness.

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    I just read that...What the hell is going on??? Are killings on the rise or is it that we have the internet now and can get news faster? I'm gonna have to start taking my teens to the range with me...

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