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    FL - Mother Defends Child Abuse Suspect

    The baby's mother, Tarah Minchew, told Channel 4 on Wednesday that her live-in boyfriend, Critchlow, is not guilty of abusing her son, and that the injuries were the result of an accident.....
    According to Minchew, Critchlow left the baby boy and was in the bathroom when the child fell out of the crib and that was how he got the injuries....
    However, investigators with the St. John's Sheriff's Office said Critchlow told them a different story.

    "He finally admitted to hitting the kid and he just went a little overboard," said detective Mike Hartsell.

    According to police reports, "He was trying to change the baby's diaper and the baby cried. Therefore he hit the baby in the face and pinched his cheek."...
    The mother said Critchlow wrote her from jail and explained that he lied to police so the state would not take her two children away....
    She said in the letter she got from Critchlow he told her he did hit the baby lightly on the backside because the child was squirming, but that he did not cause the bruises on the child's face....
    the child is 1. more at link. http://www.news4jax.com/news/13334787/detail.html

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    Since she thinks he didn't do it, she probably will let him move back in with her and the children unless someone steps in and prevents it. I think it is far more likely he is lying to her to keep the relationship, than it is that he lied to police to keep her from losing the children.

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