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    Teacher Caught on Tape Beating Student


    1 kid throws a book at another. the teacher makes the thrower say he is sorry. the kid who got hit would not accept the apology. the kid who got hit left. the teacher chases him down. the rest is on vidio.

    http://www.firstcoastnews.com/video/...x?aid=99900&bw= to see the vidio click this link. you have to sit through a minute of the news report first. watch the kids feet as he is taken through the door.

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    Here we go again. These reports seem to be getting worse and worse. This is a first grader who has bruises and scratches on his neck, and says that the teacher choked him and lifted him several feet off the ground by his shirt collar.

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    What in the world IS going on???? Why does it seem that some teachers think it's ok to assault and abuse their students?
    This teacher needs to be arrested and fired from his teaching job.