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    Dad sought hit man to kill 7yo daughter, wife, mother-in-law

    FBI: Dad sought hit man to kill daughter, wife, mother-in-law

    A Beverly father tried to hire a hit man to kill his 7-year-old daughter, along with his estranged wife and his mother-in-law, authorities say.

    He asked the man who was to carry out the hit to put only one bullet in his daughter, and shoot her in the chest not the head, the authorities said, because he wanted her to have an open casket.

    His wife and mother-in-law were to get two bullets in the head.

    Orlowski first came to the attention of authorities earlier this year, when his wife took out a restraining order against him and he was required to turn in any guns he had.

    Orlowski told Beverly police had so many weapons, they would need a truck to take them away.

    Police seized 121 guns - including Uzis, rifles shotguns and handguns - many of which were simply left around the house in plastic storage containers. But police say he didn't turn in all his guns.

    Then, in February, he was caught rummaging through his wife's backyard shed. He told police he was trying to find the $20,000 he stashed in the shed after his father loaned him the money. After police left, his wife found a MAC 10 assault weapon in the shed.

    More at link.

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    'If found guilty', is it possible for someone this evil to be rehabilitated? To specifically state that he wanted his '7 year old daughter shot in the chest not in the head so he could have an open casket' and to 'shoot the mother and mother-in-law twice in the head'...and to have such an arsenal of weapons that it would take a frickin truck to haul them all away! What happened to protecting society from such insanity and sheer evil. What is to stop him when he is released from prison from following through on such horrific plans against his family or others? Ten years! Ha- He will probably do 2 at the most... The term "Throwing criminals such as this in the darkest corners of our prison system and throwing away the key".....was originated for scum found guilty of such as this.
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    10 Years?

    Maybe he'll meet up with some prison justice

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    From the link above: In addition to multiple gun and restraining order violation charges, Orlowski was facing charges of marijuana possession.

    I hope that when he is tried on all these other charges that the sentences will run consecutively. Won't add much, but that looks to be the only way he will spend any significant amount of time behind bars. If I were the wife, MIL, and daughter, I believe I would disappear. I think as soon as he gets out, he'll be gunning for them again - pun intended. JMO
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