THEN: A year ago, crime victims, police officers, court officials and the wrongly accused could wait months even a year for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to perform forensic lab tests that could resolve their cases.
An infamous backlog of blood, DNA and rape kit tests exposed the public to danger as potential criminals roamed free before results came in, some said.
"That is too much time for the public to be subjected to continuing and dangerous behavior before consequences are put into place," the Davidson County grand jury said in an early 2006 report.
NOW: At the Nashville lab, DNA tests take two months compared with the one-year turnaround the TBI reported as recently as December.
Other problem areas, such as blood toxicology and fingerprinting, have seen similar improvements.
"One of the reasons we're seeing this kind of progress is that we got 17 forensic scientists in last year's budget," TBI spokeswoman Jennifer Johnson said.

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