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    New member introduction

    Hello all,

    I donít know whether this is customary, but I recently joined this forum and would like to introduce myself. Hi, I am Dutchess.

    Iíve been fascinated with the case ever since I was on holiday in the US in 1997 and photos of JBR were splattered across all the newspapers and magazines. My fascination was rekindled after the JMK story broke last year. My first thoughts when I heard about it were: ďNo way, I donít believe it. What about the ransom note and pineapple?Ē.

    This is when I started lurking at the JBR forums. I wanted to know more about the story. I have since then read PMPT, Steve Thomasí book, The Police Files and Cyril Wechtís book and lots of other material I found on the Internet.

    I have no clear theory about what happened that night or who killed JBR, other than that the intruder theory makes no sense at all. It has to be someone who legitimately was in the house that night and JR and PR were involved in the cover-up at the very least.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi. I donít know whether I will have time to post very often, but I will be reading posts here regularly.

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    Welcome to Websleuths Dutchess. You'll find so much info on Jonbenet that it will make your head spin. We have some really fine posters in that forum that know every single detail of that case. Enjoy your stay.
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    Welcome, Dutchess.... W/S is a great forum and it is a very easy place to get addicted to.

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    Hi, and welcome. It sounds like you've done some research, and have drawn a general conclusion. I was the same way when I first came here, and I have learned so much more from the discussions here...the details of this murder (and after) can spin your head for days. I look forward to hearing more of your point of view and thoughts about the case.

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    Welcome. I'm a newbie, too. Like you, I also did a lot of homework before joining these very knowledgeable posters here. I read this site for well over 2 years, trying to read every thread. No matter what your theory, it's good to read different points of view.
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    Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome Duchess.

    Here is a one of the most informative links on the case.


    I concur with your synopsis, someone known to the Ramseys,
    that they covered for.

    Opinions expressed by me, are mine, based on life experience, and known facts of any given case.

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    [quote=Dutchess;1499583]Hello all,

    Hi Duchess. Welcome!!!

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