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    IL - Cameron Smith, 4, beaten to death, Calumet City, 24 May 2007

    This just makes me so sad and angry!


    A man beat his girlfriend's 4-year-old son to death after she left the boy in his care while she was deployed to Iraq, police said.

    Donell Parker, 23, was charged Friday with first-degree murder in the death of Cameron Smith. The boy was found dead in his bed Thursday in a suburb south of Chicago.

    Parker told police he beat the boy, but would not say why, said Calumet City police Chief Patrick O'Meara.

    Cameron was punched in the head, stomach and chest, and whipped with a belt from Tuesday to Wednesday evening, O'Meara said. An autopsy found he died of blunt-force trauma to the abdomen and head, O'Meara said.
    Just thinkin' out loud....

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    So disgusting! I'm just sickened by all the cases of innocent children being MURDERED by people who were supposed to care for them!! It's bad enough in our world having stranger abductions and pedophiles and serial killers, but these people were SUPPOSED to take care of these kids!!!

    I didn't find a picture, if anyone comes across one, please post a link or the picture, TIA.

    Prayers for the little boy's family, and may Cameron rest in peace, never to be hurt again.
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    They should ship this Parker guy over to Iraq and tie him to a chair in the middle of the street, with a note pinned to him that says, "Here, take me as a hostage...."
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    What a disgusting piece of crap he is!!! How can people do things like this? Why was this little one left with a boyfriend instead of a grandparent, father, etc? Such a tragic loss of life. RIP little guy.
    Happy New Years

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    Oh God.. that just makes me sick. Why would the mother deploy to Iraq and leave her son with a boyfriend? I mean come on lady?..There is a thing in the Army called a family care plan and if you don't have one then you don't deploy..simple as that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mygirlsadie View Post
    Oh God.. that just makes me sick. Why would the mother deploy to Iraq and leave her son with a boyfriend? I mean come on lady?..There is a thing in the Army called a family care plan and if you don't have one then you don't deploy..simple as that.
    Thank you for posting that - I was wondering when I read the article how on earth they would deploy her when the children's father is also in Iraq. I can't imagine leaving 3 children to a 23 yo boyfriend! He obviously was not mature enough to handle it... so sad for that little boy....

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    Murder of Cameron Smith

    Donell Parker is still being held in the Cook County Jail pre-trial. His next court date is 09/07/2010.


    Published February 29, 2008

    Donell Parker is a 24 year old man who currently resides in Cook County jail. He is charged with beating Cameron Smith to death last May. The sad thing is that Cameron Smith was only 4 years old.

    Cameron's mother, Lavada Smith, left her children in the care of her boyfriend, Donell Parker, and went to serve her country in Iraq. Smith was part of the National Guard and her unit was deployed in early May. She was in Iraq for 10 days when she had to come home after Donell Parker allegedly murdered her four year old son. The child's father, Gary Smith, is also in the service and is still serving in Iraq.


    Donell Parker is now caught up in the charming Cook County justice system. This means that it will be at least two years before he sees a trial. The state is going to seek the death penalty on this case, which will upset Amnesty International who will probably go to bat for this guy.


    Originally, Donell Parker admitted, on tape, to beating the four year old boy. He did not say why he beat him. He had an attorney, Marcos Reyes, who he paid and who then decided to fight the videotaped confession and free his client. Reyes was decrying the system and got his client to plead "not guilty" last summer. Then, when the Chicago attorney didn't get paid and this became a capital murder trial in October, he asked to be dismissed.

    Much more at link:

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    I found a Donell Parker, Cook County, who's serving 25 years for murder. Born 1983. Been in custody since 2007, been at Danville Correctional Centre since 2012.


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    Yes, it's him. From the judgement from Donell's appeal.
    November 2015:

    A jury convicted defendant Donell Parker of the first degree murder of four-year old Cameron Smith. The trial court sentenced him to 25 years in prison...

    Defendant was tried twice by jury for the first degree murder of Cameron. The
    first trial in 2010 resulted in a hung jury. The second trial in 2012 resulted in the guilty
    verdict at issue on appeal...

    The medical examiner determined Cameron's cause of
    death was a homicide resulting from "multiple injuries due to blunt trauma due to child
    abuse." Defendant made statements to police admitting that he had lost his temper and
    "disciplined" Cameron by whipping him with a belt and punching him several times in
    the chest. He also admitted that, on the day after the "discipline," he had pushed
    Cameron, causing the child to fall and hit his head on the side of the bathtub..

    Defendant had become "real
    heated", "ran out of patience" and disciplined Cameron when the boy squirted body
    wash around the bathroom during his shower as he had done many times before.
    Defendant stated he hit Cameron hard enough to send a message that the boy should
    stop doing the same thing over and over...

    Defendant stated Cameron had been disciplined "every other day pretty much" by
    his mother, including "whooping," but defendant had only started disciplining him the
    previous week. Defendant stated he had never "whooped" Cameron before, having only
    given him "little, little, little slaps"..

    Dr. Jones' s testimony showed that the discipline the 180-pound adult defendant
    inflicted on 45-pound four-year old Cameron was so severe and savage that the boy's
    organs ruptured. The child had 57 injuries, not including the bruises on his chest that
    were too numerous and closely grouped for Dr. Jones to count. He had abrasions and
    bruises to his face, chest, arms, back and legs, brain hemorrhages, damage to his liver,
    spleen, pancreas and intestines, broken ribs and blood in his abdomen and chest

    Horrendous Rest in Peace, Cameron.

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