In loving memory of Margaret Graves
March 16, 1919 - February 9, 2004
Rest in peace, precious friend, you will be forever missed!

I have a photograph of Margaret holding my God-daughter as a baby. She lived a few doors down from my childhood friend. I think this is the closet I have ever been to a case, in so far as knowing the person. Please pray for Margaret's family to have answers, and if need be, justice. They are not sure yet if she died or was murdered. She was a wonderful neighbor and friend, and will be dearly missed.

Update, from

TES would like to thank all of the law enforcement individuals and search volunteers who aided in the search for Margaret Graves. You can view her flyer here. We are sad to say that Margaret's body was found earlier this afternoon. The police are still investigating right now and have no cause of death. We will keep this page updated as we learn more regarding Margaret's funeral arrangements. Please keep Margaret and her family in your prayers.

Special thanks to Tim and all who searched for Margaret.
With love and HOPE, Lanie