Families hope DNA can settle missing persons cases

57 bodies yet to be identified in the state of Maryland

There are more than 200 missing men and women in Maryland

Across the United States there are tens of hundreds of unidentified remains sitting in various coroner's offices

The Maryland Task Force For The Missing and Unidentified, Adults & Children will collect family reference samples at the Maryland Inn in Annapolis Tuesday morning. Law enforcement officials from throughout the state will collect saliva swabs from relatives of missing persons - which will then be uploaded into the database.

The database will search automatically until a match is made, according to task force representatives. That means continuous investigation as more unidentified bodies are logged into the database every day.

Names Mentioned:

Nancy Marleine Snow, who disappeared from her Annapolis home in November 1980.

Tracey Gardner, missing on March 6, 2005. Then age 32, she had tickets to attend a Motley Crue concert in Washington, and was expected to meet friends there. She never showed up at the concert, and has not been seen since that day.

Bernadette Stevenson-Curruso In 1986, the 23-year-old from Essex disappeared while driving her grandmother's Chevy Cavalier.

Article includes photos of 16 missing persons from Anne Arundel County, MD, including 2 young children.