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    MI - Isaac Lethbridge, 2, beaten to death, Detroit, 16 Aug 2006

    I searched for this article and haven't found anything on here. Its from my state. He died in foster care by being beaten and burned. His parents are a mess all on their own. Neglecting their children and keep purposely having more of them in hopes to keep them and doing it secretly. This little boy's older sister died in foster care not long ago due to a seizure, she was 12.
    The social workers saw green bruises and 2 black eyes 12 days before he was murdered and nobody did anything to help him. He was only 2 1/2. The parents who neglected him and his other siblings have a lawsuit against the foster care system.

    (picture of him)
    (picture of his parents, I dont know what to call them since they are NOT parents)

    foster mom has been charged she is stating her 12 year old adopted daughter did it.

    ( other stories through the detroit free press throughout the investigation)

    (the family that has now adopted six lethbridge children)

    This story breaks my heart that everybody failed this little boy

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    The Lethbridge family has a web site.

    I've read about this case and everytime I read, I become less and less sure of who I believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cathieq View Post
    The Lethbridge family has a web site.

    I've read about this case and everytime I read, I become less and less sure of who I believe.

    I feel the same way, I wonder if what happened will ever come out.

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    My heart aches for all these children being abused and tortured by the very people that should be caring and loving toward them.

    RIP, Isaac.

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    Foster Mother Gets Maximum Sentence in Case of Isaac Lethbridge

    Published July 04, 2007 by:
    Liz Copeland

    15 Years for Involuntary Manslaughter

    Detroit, MI - Charlise "Paris" Adams-Rogers, the foster mother for Isaac Lethbridge when he was murdered on August 16th, 2006, received the maximum sentence today for Involuntary Manslaughter in connection with his death.

    Charlise shed no tears as sentencing was passed down by Judge Vera Massey Jones, who stated that Isaac "screamed bloody murder" and she didn't come to his aid and refused to accept that she was a foster parent to help children, citing testimony that she admitted she became a foster parent for the money.


    In late June, it took a jury less than 4 hours to find her guilty of involuntary manslaughter and 2nd-degree child abuse as it relates to Isaac. They found her not guilty of 4th-degree child abuse in relation to his sister, who was in the home at the time of his death.

    Adams-Rogers was sentenced up to 15 years, though she is eligible for parole in 5 . She was also sentenced for her other charge, 2nd-degree child abuse, to time served.

    Much more at link:

    I'm not finding a record of current incarceration for her.

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    Look at that smile on his face would ya? He's adorable. I'd have taken him in a heartbeat just to see that beautiful smile everyday.

    These stories just leave me without words......

    Once again, Thank You Belinda for updating this sad case.

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