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    MO - Zachary Jones, 17, bludgeoned to death, Lebanon, 10 June 2007

    LEBANON, Mo. Three people were charged Tuesday with murder in the death of a Lebanon teenager whose skull was fractured by a baseball bat in a brawl in a city park.
    Police said the fight was over text messages to the girlfriend of one of the alleged assailants, Jerry Broyles.
    Laclede County prosecutors charged Broyles, 25, and Terry Dunkin, 32, with first-degree murder and Terry's wife, Kimberly Dunkin, 36, with second-degree murder in the death of Zachary Jones. Broyles and Terry Dunkin have the same mother, police said in a probable cause statement.
    Jones, 17, died Monday from multiple fractures to his skull, police said.

    Police said Jones and Matthew Bankston had been sending text messages to Broyles' girlfriend and arranged a meeting at the park Sunday night with Broyles and several others.


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    Oh my gosh- I just read this on the Fox website. It is absolutely sickening what people are willing to murder another human being over!!

    That poor kid...I'm sure he never dreamt that his life was in danger for texting.

    I hope the killers get the maximum punishment available in Missouri.

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    sick sick sick.

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    I'm sure somewhere they are thinking it was justified to beat another person over a woman. I knew a woman that had a husband that would pull a gun out on any man found just talking to her with a smile. Some people...

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    More information here:



    Two men and a woman were charged in the Sunday attack on Zachary Jones and Matthew Bankston.

    Terry Lynn Dunkin, 32, of Lebanon -- first-degree murder, first-degree felony assault, two counts of felony armed criminal action

    Jerry Lowell Broyles II, 25, of Lebanon -- first-degree murder, first-degree felony assault, two counts of felony armed criminal action

    Kimberly Elaine Dunkin, 35, of Lebanon -- second-degree murder


    ...According to a probable cause statement, Stephan Dickinson escaped the 11 p.m. attack and ran to a nearby residence where police were contacted.

    Dickinson told authorities that he, Jones and Bankston arranged to meet some people in the park. Police suspect it was a prearranged fight.
    According to the statement, Dickinson said Jones and Bankston had been sending text messages to Broyles' girlfriend, identified only as "Jen." The suspects were allegedly upset over calls that had been made to "Jen" and the mother of the two male suspects.
    After the trio arrived at the location unarmed, three vehicles entered the parking lot and one struck Jones, police said.
    "Several individuals then got out of the vehicles and started assaulting Jones and Bankston with baseball bats," Lori Robinson, a Lebanon police officer, wrote in her statement. The document said the three suspects, the mother of the two male suspects and a juvenile went to the park to meet Jones and Bankston....

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    MO - Zachary Jones, 17, beaten to death, Lebanon, 12 June 2007

    It took a jury in Moniteau County about two hours to convict a Laclede County woman of first degree murder and armed criminal action for the 2007 beating death of a Lebanon, MO, teenager.

    Zach Jones, 17, (b.) and Matthew Bankston had gone to a park with another friend to talk to Kimberly Dunkin and her husband Terry and Terry's brother, Jerry Broyles, about text messages sent to Broyles' girlfriend.

    Don't confront me with my failures.....I had not forgotten them.

    Jackson Browne

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    How sad! Those poor boys.

    Prayers to all,


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    Wow! All those lives ruined over a misdirected text message.

    How sad for all involved.


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    What idiots! You'd think since they were grown they would just shrug it off and not even meet up with the teenagers. Fools!

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    How bad could that text message have been to justify killing one and permanently injuring the other? Good lord, whatever happened to just ignoring something so juvenile? They deserve to get what they gave, but as we all know, we cant violate their civil rights. What a joke.

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    From November 2008:


    A man who beat a Lebanon teenager to death over text messages was sentenced to life in prison Tuesday after pleading guilty to second-degree murder and other charges stemming from the June 2007 attack.

    Jerry Lowell Broyles II was one of four people charged in the beating death of 17-year-old Zachary Jones and attack of Matthew Bankston at a Lebanon park...

    Terry Dunkin, who also had been charged with murder, hanged himself with a sheet in the Laclede County jail on Aug. 20, 2007.
    According to Missouri DOC, Kimberly Dunkin is serving life in prison:


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