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    Happy Birthday Janet!

    Happy Birthday Janet! You would have been 28 today. May this be the year that your killer is brought to justice and the year that your family and friends can finally have some peace. :HappyBday

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    I wish we didn't have to wish a murdered, pregnant young woman Happy Birthday, I wish we could send her birthday greetings in person. They'd be much more happy, then.
    My birthday wish for Janet is for her murderer to finally be arrested and tried for the horrible murder of her and her unborn baby.
    Perhaps with a new d.a......

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    "It's easier to KEEP Raven happy, than it is to MAKE Raven happy." ~~ JA

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    Janet, I'm sorry I missed your birthday, and my wish is that you and your unborn child could have some peace and the murderer is brought to Justice soon.
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke

    "Safety never takes a holiday" ~Britney Romito

    "It's easier to KEEP Raven happy, than it is to MAKE Raven happy." ~Janet Christiansen (Abaroa)

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