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    OH - Susan Hettrick for embezzlement, Hubbard, 2007

    This is in my area. I'm just sad for those kids, I hope they will get to play football and cheer. Also read the comments (click on 'discuss this story')... some pretty harsh stuff being said but I think I would be very mad too, and I don't understand the people who defend what this woman did, either.


    HUBBARD — The treasurer of a little league football team here is accused of stealing thousands of dollars in team money, but other team officials are determined to see the young people take the field this summer.


    Williams said team officials are hoping that Hettrick is made to pay back the missing money, but are determined to see the kids play this summer. "I am going to see to it that these kids play football.That is my job as team president," he said.

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    Wow--that is awful!!

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    if I remember correctly, that isn't the first time a Mahoning Valley little league team was victimized in such a way.

    side note: I remember when Korey Stringer was alive... he signed over his whole NFL bonus check to the Warren Little Raiders because they needed new uniforms and equipment. The Mahoning Valley lost a hero when Korey died.

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    We had this happen in my area years ago. The Youth Fotball treasurer embezzled 50k if I am not mistaken.
    We had a little league mom caught just this season stealing money from the snack bar.
    Good grief.

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    Hearing all this makes me not feel as guilty that I could never afford for my kids to play in little league baseball.

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    This is why most businesses and organizations have a second person double check figures and oversee expenditures.

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    That is just horrible. It must happen more than we hear about because I know it happened it Texas City, Texas and was never in the papers. The guy's mom paid the money back and it went hush-hush.

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    Totally forgot about this thread. Here's an update: http://new.vindy.com/news/2007/nov/2...eft/?newswatch

    The season is over by now and they had a normal season like any other year, just more fundraisers, LOL. Also what I heard is they received quite a large amount from an anonymous donor.

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    Published:Monday, April 14, 2008

    WARREN The former treasurer of a little league football team has been sentenced to 30 days in jail and ordered to make $8,000 in restitution.


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    WOW ... we had a cheerleader fund that got wiped out like that. I seem to remember Oprah helping the girls out.

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