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    AK - Gretchen Sawyer, 20, shot to death, Gakona, 13 July 1997

    I searched the names here and didnt find this anywhere. Glad they finally got him.

    A Glennallen jury on Thursday found a man guilty of killing his wife 10 years ago -- a death that the convicted man had originally blamed on his 2-year-old son.

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    It is amazing that LE didn't see all of those things at the time of the shooting isn't it. He got away with murder for 10 years but thank God someone decided to take a look at that case. I'll bet the guy was shocked when he was arrested after all of this time. I wonder what happened to the little 8 month old girl that didn't belong to him.

    He could get 99 years and this murder happened 10 years ago. My daughter's killer got 27 years. He was on the run for 8 years but they had to try him by the 1993 laws because that is when the murder happened. I wish this had happened in Alaska if it had to happen at all. Their laws are sure different then the laws of Washington state.

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