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    OH - Carl Holland, 23, Eldorado, 10 June 1983

    Missing and missed
    Ceremony recalls family member gone 24 years


    Holland's Poster:

    Twenty-four years have passed but one thing remains the same -- Rhonda Combs and Darrell Holland still love and miss their brother Carl.
    And they claim to have new information that they hope will answer a question that has gone unanswered for almost a quarter century. OAS_AD('ArticleFlex_1'); In June 1983, Rhonda was visiting her 23-year-old brother and a woman with whom he was living in Ohio. All of a sudden, she said, her brother got up and left his home and never returned. It was the last time Rhonda Combs saw him.

    Saturday was the first time the family members decided to share feelings with the community as they held a ceremony in Carl's honor. About 25 people attended the 90-minute ceremony, including Tammy McCown, who is the sister of Niqui McCown, who disappeared from a coin-operated laundry on July 22, 2001.
    "We are doing this just to let (Carl) know that he is loved and we wish he would come home," Rhonda Combs said. "You can't give up. We have to keep trying."
    Holland, who attended Richmond High School, is one of two active missing persons cases in Richmond. McCown is the second.
    After Holland left the home 24 years ago, family members became worried when a few days passed and they had not heard from him.
    After a few more days, his vehicle was discovered in Lynn, Ind.
    His family wanted to file a missing persons report, but because Holland was an adult, they had to wait two weeks to file, said Darrell Holland.
    Since then, the family has been doing what it can to find its loved one.
    Over the past six months, the family has learned more information, Combs said.
    "We can't talk about what we've found," Combs said. "But I have a good feeling."
    Holland's brother and sister have been the ones doing the bulk of the investigating, because their father passed away and their mother has become seriously ill.
    "If anyone knows anything about where Carl is, all they have to do is call us, they don't even have to give us their name," Holland said. "Until someone finds his body and proves to me that he's dead, he is still alive."
    Combs described her brother as a nice, laid-back person who loved children and enjoyed playing a good game of pool. Her fondest memory of her brother came when he was painting the ceiling of their mother's home. "He was about 6'3'' or 6'4" and could paint the ceiling just by standing on his toes," Combs said. "One day while he was painting, his nephew James got into the paint cans and was covered from head to toe. All Carl could do is laugh because he loved kids so much."


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    Quote Originally Posted by lostwithoutyou View Post
    All of a sudden, she said, her brother got up and left his home and never returned. It was the last time Rhonda Combs saw him.
    Surely there is more to it than just that? Was Holland involved in an argument with his sister or his girlfriend?

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    Next month will mark 27 years that Carl has been missing. Come home soon.



    Can not find Carl listed in NamUs at this time.

    One pay per view article from May of 2010. Headline is: "Sister still searches for answer about brother missing 27 years"

    Prayers that your Sister finds the answers she seeks soon.
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    Published last month -

    Search for missing brother marks 31 years
    Sept. 30 is a special date for Richmond resident Rhonda Combs.
    She will celebrate her brother’s birthday that day, but he won’t be present.
    Carl Holland went missing more than 31 years ago. To keep his memory alive and encourage law enforcement to continue to search for him, Combs is hosting a birthday remembrance at her South 16th Street home.
    Law enforcement in two states and three counties were involved in the search for Holland, but the case remains unsolved.
    “Randolph County thinks it happened in Preble County, in Eldorado, (Ohio),” Combs said. “Nothing has been found in Preble County, either. I wish Richmond Police had done more. I don’t let any of them forget.”

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    Billboard a reminder of missing local man


    There’s a new message on a billboard at Exit 156 on Interstate 70 in Richmond, one that reminds passersby that Carl Holland still is missing.

    It’s been 32 years since Richmond resident Rhonda Combs saw her brother, and she’s never stopped looking for him.
    In 1985, Richmond police told the Palladium-Item they thought Holland was murdered, possibly in connection with two other murders related to local drug trafficking. Searches on two farms near Richmond and several locations in Preble County yielded nothing.

    Investigators also found no trace of Holland when they searched an abandoned farmhouse at 3366 Hamburg Road in Eldorado, Ohio, where a shotgun slug believed to be tied to his case was found by police.

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    When I was a kid, there was a large investigation in Richmond, IN, involving a double homicide there. During the course of that investigation, IIRC, witnesses came forward and said the suspect, JM, was the perpetrator of a number of other local killings, and, again, IIRC, one such witness took them to a house where a slug was removed from a wall(outside, iirc) where she claimed to have witnessed a killing by JM. Is this that case? And if so, I would assume that slug should still be in evidence somewhere, and should be tested for DNA(if it hasn't already been). When the warrants were served on JM's residence, there were many "unusual" items seized, but the ones that stand out are drivers' licenses for other states(false identities?), class III firearms and accessories, and a "false wall" or "hidden room" of sorts? There were rumors that JM was a "professional", and there seemed to be evidence of that possibility, but there was also a highly corrupt prosecutor and defense atty duo at the time , which ended up facing federal charges themselves not long after. Why the case didn't receive federal attention at the time, given the circumstances, has been a question I have carried for more than 30 yrs. If Mr. Holland was a victim of the individual I have referred to, I hope the family gets the justice and closure they deserve.

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