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    FL - Adrian Orena, 10, in Critical Condition After Father Slits His Throat

    GOLDEN GATE, Fla. A man and his son were in critical condition Wednesday in Florida after the father slit the 10-year-old boy's throat and then stabbed himself in the stomach according to investigators.


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    WTF is wrong with people! I hate this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2luvmy View Post
    WTF is wrong with people! I hate this!
    I agree! it just makes me sick.The father "could face charges" if he lives,well I hope so.People are going nuts!!
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    *GROWL* A-hole wanted to hurt the woman, so harms his own kid! I hope he's locked in solitary confinement for the rest of his natural life. I don't want prison to be even a little pleasant for him. (This is because at the moment, I don't think the death penalty is a possibility, since the boy is living, thank goodness.)

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    It seems like this is happening every day. If he broke into the mom's house, where was the mom during the attack?

    Wonder why they said if he survives he MAY be charged?

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    This is soooo wrong!!! I just will never understand....why hurt the children?

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    I started to say "do they think this solves anything" but obviously they don't think. Dag gone this is so awful.
    How, if the boys survives, (I pray he does) does he deal with the fact that
    his father tried to kill him?
    There is no punishment harsh enough for this man.

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    Score another for Team Florida.

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    Je*#* H Chr*%&.. WTF is wrong with people.. has our society gone completely out of control.. ? Honest to god what is wrong with people that the way they handle frustration anger or what ever emotion they are felling that they pick up the first lethal weapon they can find and whats worse is that they direct it towards innocents like children...
    There are no words for the horendous existence this man should have to endure.. I frankly am starting to think that we do need the eye or an eye law.. I'lll let the general population dole out the appropriate penatly for this crime.. however even that would be too good for this guy.

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    The father "could face charges if he survives"? Um, huh? At the VERY LEAST this would have to be breaking & entering & assault although it should be attempted murder. So how do they come up with COULD FACE CHARGES? Oh, he broke into the house with a knife and then slipped and slit the boy's throat? It was an accident!

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    I think it was poorly phrased, maybe? Or, maybe there is doubt as to his sanity or fitness for trial if he lives? I am thinking though, that what the reporter meant when they wrote "could" was that if he lived than he'll face charges. The could being tied to "if he lives". I hope that's clear.

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    March 2011:

    Thirteen-year-old [A.] did a difficult thing on Tuesday.

    Standing in a Naples courtroom, the small boy pulled aside the collar of his button-down shirt and showed jurors where his father cut his throat, twice, during an attack in 2007. Later, in a gesture toward his father, he indicated he still loved the man...

    It was from a hospital bed that Orena made his confession to detectives, a 15-minute statement played for jurors on Tuesday. In the recording, a sobbing Orena said he tried to kill the "little boy" to make his wife suffer. He suspected she was cheating on him, he said...

    Through questioning, the defense suggested that a third person named Rafael, alleged to be Valdez's paramour, may have been on the scene and could have been responsible for the attack. But no Rafael was ever produced in the trial.

    And in a move that likely worked against him, Orena chose to testify and present his own account of the incident. Orena said he was attacked by an unknown person as soon as he was admitted into Valdez's home through a door.

    "I don't know how to say it," he said. "I wanted her to feel the way I feel. I feel bad."...

    The children's testimony against him was the product of his wife's manipulations, Orena told jurors. His confession came after detectives threatened him.

    Wow. I can't believe he denied everything and made the boy testify.
    It says police didn't bother to do fingerprint and DNA tests because it was such an open and shut case - and so the defence tried to blame some third party!

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    In March 2011 Victor Orena was found guilty by a jury in Collier County, and sentenced to 10 years for attempted 2nd degree murder and 10 years for armed burglary.

    He has already been released.


    Victor Orena
    Date of birth: 11/08/1970
    DC number: Y46287

    Victor Orena

    Hopefully no woman will be desperate enough to date him, let alone have children with him...

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