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    India - Baby girl survives being buried alive

    The story says that over 10 MILLION baby girls have been murdered in the last 20 yearsA TWO-DAY-OLD baby girl was found alive in a grave in southern India after she had been buried by her grandfather who did not want to bear the cost of bringing up a girl, authorities said.
    Female infanticide and foeticide, though illegal in India, are still frequent in some rural areas as boys are traditionally preferred to girls as breadwinners, and families have to pay huge dowries to marry off their daughters.

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    I don't know about the rest of you but this really sucks. Being a mom who can no longer have children, I would give anything to be able to say to these people, "Hey, give me your baby." I would care for her. And I know there are many others who would as well. I hope the punishment is severe for this man.

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    What annoys me is that this is the grandparent. Why doesn't he Mind his own business? How dare he try to kill his own grandchild. Where are the parents in this? I realize this is common in India and China and common where several generations of a family all live together, but here is one of the many downsides.

    I have 2 friends that are Hindu, they are cousins. They both live with their families even though they are grown men and they both are going nuts because of it. That culture might be acceptable back home but both these guys are miserable supporting their extended families, and they have too much pride and respect for their parents to tell them this living arrangement is no longer working.

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    When the world treats women as "full equal" to men and women and girls are not seen as inferior, then maybe someday, in this world, probably not in my lifetime, this type of thing may not happen as much.

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