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    John Mark Karr

    John Mark Karr was arrested in Georgia on a domestic altercation with his girlfriend at his fathers home. When will they ever stop giving this kook the time of day?!? I feel bad for the girl. But what can we do if she stays she has to know what a nutcase he is.

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    Father says John Mark Karr has left country


    John Mark Karr’s father said his notorious son has been run out of town by neighbors who made him feel anything but welcome.
    Grant Park residents worried that Karr was moving into their community say they’re relieved to hear the news.

    Humm...I wonder if he ate shrimp and crab and sent the bill to Boulder this time around???
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    They could have found something to charge him with, imo.

    His gf and him broke up, she did an interview recently (one of the less reputable shows)
    Paraphrased/summary: she said he made her cry every day and that she thinks he may have had something to do with JBR's murder, but that HER daughter was never in danger

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    I think they could have charged him with something to. lying to police?, interferring with a crime? etc.

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    Should have, but after they f---ed up the big catch, it would have looked even worse.
    I'm as mad as HELL and I'm NOT gonna take it anymore!.

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