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    India - Fishermen Save Ailing Girl Tossed Into River by Father

    LUCKNOW, India Fishermen rescued an 8-year-old Indian girl after her father threw her into a river because he could not afford treatment for her kidney ailment, police said Tuesday.
    The father, Phool Chand, took the extreme step on Monday after doctors in Mumbai, India's financial and entertainment capital, said treatment for his daughter would cost nearly $7,150, far beyond what Chand, a fruit vendor, could pay, said Makhan Singh, a police spokesman.
    When Chand returned Monday to Jaunpur, his hometown in Uttar Pradesh state, he threw the girl into the river, Singh said.


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    I think it's horrible what this father did but I can understand how helpless he felt. If he loved his daughter shouldn't he have thought of a more humane way to end her life?

    You know I've always read about how girls are not wanted in other countries. They are killed when born, sold and basically treated like cattle. I look at our country now at the number of young girls, women being murdered, abducted, abused. Have we as females become so disposable?

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    I see what you're saying lizzie, but sadly I think we live in a society where all life is becoming disposable.

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    Maybe now someone will get her the treatment she needs and adopt her. Poor little girl. God wasn't ready for her to die b/c He had her rescued!!!

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    I hope India will get the girl treatment so that she doesn't have to suffer, but if a poor person can't get help for a child (if he even tried that hard) will they help an orphan or just make him take her back home? How ironic. I just read yesterday that some uninsured people in the U.S. are going to India among other countries for treatments and surgeries because it's so much cheaper.

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