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    TX - Care for a little Prozac in your soup?


    Woman allegedly tampered with store's soup

    AUSTIN, Texas, July 23 (UPI) -- A woman has been arrested for allegedly putting mothballs in the soup at a Texas supermarket.
    She denied putting 'handfuls of mothballs' in the soup; however, she did say that it was possible she might have 'maybe' dropped some Prozac or crackers in the soup, but (she) wasn't sure,'" said detective Brendon Hanly. "She asked me several times if she should confess." (little more at link)

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    The article says that the woman frequented the soup bar and often bought moth balls. I wonder if she was trying to hurt people or to try and sue after claiming that she found moth balls in soup that she was going to purchase. How scary.

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    I have never liked the open salad and soup bars in grocery stores. I think that is too much temptation for someone like this woman to do even worse! Let alone all the germs you can pick up just from other strangers coughing etc. Blech.

    I would think moth balls would be easy to detect prior to tasting (I hope!), but I wonder if Prozac would dissolve. She would have to add a lot to be effective and she probably didn't want to use all of her supply up, right?!

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