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    Cold Case Photos Placed On Decks of Cards & Given to Prison Inmates

    TALLAHASSEE -- In a macabre game of cold-case poker, top state law enforcement officials announced Tuesday they would try to crack old cases by giving prison inmates 100,000 playing cards of unsolved Florida murders and missing persons.

    State officials hope the starved-for-entertainment inmates at 129 state prisons will not just play, they'll start talking to each other. And pretty soon, someone will tip off investigators.
    ''Using these cards is like interviewing nearly 93,000 inmates for new leads on 104 cold case homicides and missing persons around the state,'' prison chief Jim McDonough said in a written statement. 'Criminals are connected to other criminals. They know each other, know each others' habits and share common contacts so that often they are more than prepared to provide information that would allow us to bring other criminals to justice.''

    More: http://www.miamiherald.com/416/story/180690.html
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    Interesting.... I hope they can solve a couple of cold cases from these!

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    This is a pretty good idea!

    Being that this is FL, can anyone tell me if Sharon Marshall's photo will be on the cards? Floyd had connections there and perhaps we can find someone to help crack that case through a simple game of poker!

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