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    Boy helps catch convicted sex offender

    I was on the CNN Heros website, and came across this video. What this boy did, truly does make him a hero. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/law...tches.con.affl

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    Wow, this boy derserves some recognition for being so aware of this man and for alerting his Dad and later the authorities. Who knows what could have happened had this child not kept such a close watch on this man.. Kudos to this boy and his family.

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    OMG that boy is so smart! I don't know if he realizes how many more little girls (plus his sister) he has saved from that pervert. I hope this is the last time the pervert is free.

    I'd like to know where that little girl's (the one he took into the bushes) parents were though.

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    GREAT kid!!

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    Wow! Unbelievable story and very cool kid - a smart kid.
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