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    Miracle dog presumed dead wakes from coma

    DULUTH, Ga. - A young beagle is being called the "miracle pup" after the dog woke up from a coma even though it had been presumed dead.

    The dog, who has been named Lazarus, was hit by a car in late January and picked up as roadkill by the sanitation department.

    The dog was put in a bag and sent to the Washington-Wilkes Humane Animal Shelter for incineration.

    Just before the dog was set for cremation, shelter director Gloria Wheatley checked to see if the animal matched the description of any missing pets.

    "I shut the bag real quick because I didn't believe what I was seeing," Wheatley said, upon discovering the dog was still alive. "In 14 years (of handling dead animals), it's the first time this has ever happened, believe you me."

    The dog was then taken to a veterinarian, who found it cold and unresponsive. Even though the doctor gave Lazarus little chance of surviving through the night, veterinary technician Becki Walker volunteered to provide care for it.

    Walker gave Lazarus his Bible-inspired name and stayed by his side throughout the next day, monitoring his condition and holding him. After two days, Lazarus was still in a coma, but his brain showed signs of activity. Walker put food in a syringe and fed it to the dog.

    The paralyzed animal's back legs began to move. After three days, the dog was on his feet but suffered motor skill problems from his brain injury.

    "This is a unique situation of an animal that had enough heart and guts to keep going every day," Walker said.

    Story from Mercury news

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    How interesting. That's something that just doesn't happen every day. I wonder what the owners said, If their is any. That is Extraordinary!