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    TX - Alicia Pilouw, 50, found dead, Harlingen, 12 July 2007

    HARLINGEN, Texas (AP) -- A man who said he has damaged nerves in his nose never smelled his wife's decomposing body in a storage room of their home and thought she had left him, police said.
    The couple's daughter was looking for a cat July 15 when she found Alicia Pilouw's body in a storage room filled with household items, Eugene Pilouw said. His wife had been gone for three days.
    "I never smelled anything and I still don't smell anything," said Pilouw, who blames diabetes for his damaged nose. "I thought she had run away from home again - especially after I noticed an envelope with $250 was missing."
    Harlingen police expect to get toxicology

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    The husband couldn't smell and neither could the daughter I guess. I wonder if that is the truth!!!??? She probably didn't crawl in the storage room and lay down and die did she? Funny place to go if you overdosed or something. It will be interesting to hear what really happened to the wife.

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    This is weird. I wonder how the daughter is?

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    Myself having a bad nose I can believe he wouldn't smell it. There have been very bad smells, even skunk, that I did not notice at all and others were amazed I didn't smell it.
    The daughter might not have lived in the house, she might have only come over that day to look for the cat, and then smelled the body. Poor girl to find your mom like that.
    The lady could have died of a heart attack while putting cleaning supplies or something away. I could see this happening.... we also do not know the layout of the house and if he's like many men his age, he probably never went near the storage room anyway.

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    I'm suspicious since the husband seems to be trying to put the wife down with comments like he figured she ran away again and then the "missing" money.

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