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    Mothers and Fathers Who Murder

    A three page article from ABC News:
    Mothers and Fathers Who Murder

    Women More Apt to Kill Their Children, While Men More Likely to Kill Their Kids and Spouse

    Two mothers, acting independently and living on opposite sides of the country from each other, are believed to have killed their children and themselves in recent days.

    The alleged killings come on the heels of a disturbing, recent string of family murder-suicides, which criminologists and forensic psychiatrists call familicides.

    Though rare, experts say familicides tend to occur in clusters.
    Women are more likely to kill their children than men are, but men are more likely to kill both their children and their spouse, said Dr. John Bradford, head of the forensic psychiatry department at the University of Ottawa.
    Experts said that men and women are often motivated to kill their children for different reasons.

    Unlike men, who often are driven to familicide by feelings that they have failed to adequately provide for their kids, women often kill their children out of a delusional sense of altruism.

    Women's attempts at suicide often fail, said Dr. Phillip Resnick, a psychiatry professor at Case Western Reserve University, and their crimes are therefore less likely to be classified as familicide.

    The article goes on to describe possible reasons behind recent cases of parents killing their children.

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    Thanks for posting this, Marie. I find familicide fascinating.

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    Interesting article. This really bothers me as it seems to be happening on a daily basis. It is just such a horrible thing and there is probably no way to stop it just like there isn't any way to stop any kind of murder. I believe that it is a sign of the times too. Our world is becoming more and more evil with the answer to every problem being murder. Scary.