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    Tight shoes cause man's death

    Infected Foot Blister Kills British Man

    A grandfather died after a blister caused by tight new shoes led to blood poisoning and massive organ failure, according to a story in the Daily Mail.
    Peter Catterall, 60, was given dressings by a district nurse and told the sore on his toe should heal by itself, the report said.
    But just over a week later, the retired electrician suffered two heart attacks.
    Click here to read Daily Mail story.
    He was taken to hospital and diagnosed with blood poisoning, or septicaemia, and died within a month.
    His grieving family said they believed that the father of three would still be alive if the severity of his condition had been spotted sooner by clinic after he sought treatment for a blister caused by a new pair of shoes.
    According to his youngest daughter, Sara, 21, the sore continued to weep, and when she went to see him a week later on July 1 he confessed: "This toe is killing me."
    "There was a hole in his foot. I told him he had to go to the doctor but he said: 'They have discharged me.'"


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    Oh my goodness...it's hard to believe something so small and simple could kill you. *scary*

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    I had a similar incident but thankfully Im here and fine still. I had a blister on my 2nd toe. I covered it with a bandaid and put peroxide on it. After a week it was still there but I kept on doing the same regimen and taking off the bandaid at night it didnt look better or worse. The next night I went to a sunday school retreat, while there my foot and leg started to get red up to mid calf and hot and it happened within a matter of a couple of hours. I went to the hospital and I had blood poisoning starting up.

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    That is awful. Bless his heart.

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