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    Texas justice for pervert granpa

    I've been waiting for this one!

    This scumbag was married to my dental hygenist. She had only been married to him less than a year when these charges came up. Poor thing had no idea about his past sex crimes and he swept her off her feet. She is a good Christian lady, and when they arrested him she did the right thing and refused to bail him out, even though he whined like a baby! She told me he denied everything. She immediately divorced his sorry butt and I say good for her!
    The pervert had sex with his four year old grandbaby and kept over 300 pics of it on his home computer!

    At least he got a good Texas judge and jury who put him away for the rest of his life!



    On Tuesday, a Tarrant County jury found Don Deveral Martin, a 66-year-old Abilene man, guilty of sexually assaulting a young girl in 2004 and 2005.
    Martin was given four life sentences, five 20-year sentences and was fined $90,000 for sexually assaulting and taking pornographic pictures of the girl, beginning when she was 4.

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    i doubt all those pics are just for him. that poor child probably will always have pictures of her abused body swapped between sickos on the net.

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    Your poor friend!!

    So glad he is no longer on the streets! YAY for the judge!
    Above is my opinion only