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    Mrs Tennessee bitten by rattlesnake

    As for whether the snake was planted there in a “Miss Congeniality” sort of plot to rig the upcoming pageant — which unlike Miss America is for married women — the executive director of the Mrs. Tennessee America Pageant said she didn’t think that was the case.

    "I would certainly hope not," Delayna Bridges told the newspaper, laughing. "Mrs. Arizona won Mrs. America last year, so, hopefully, they are feeling pretty happy right now and not feeling the need to sabotage our girl."


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    Hearing the news last night, it seems strange to me that first she saw a spider, then reached and was bitten by the rattler.???????

    Luckily, another contestant, a nurse, knew what to do. She then got antivenon at the hospital. Very strange story; she could have died!!!!

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