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    in Jornal de Noticias this morning (1/12/07):

    Copied from: post #68

    Secret is being kept in Maddie case

    The investigation into the disappearance of the English girl, Madeleine McCann, is going to be kept under secrecy for an additional three months. The Public Ministery (PM) has requested the extension of the deadline for the judicial secrecy yesterday, justifying the request with the exceptional complexity of the process.

    The request, which was delivered to the instruction judge at the Portimao Court yesterday, appears three days before the date when eight months have been completed after the opening of the inquiry, which is the maximum deadline that could be applied to this process.

    On January 14 - the day after tomorrow - the time limit for the presentation of this request would be reached, due to the fact that eight months have been completed since the day that Robert Murat was constituted as the first arguido in the process. Months later, on September 7, Kate and Gerry McCann, the parents of the little girl that disappeared from a tourist resort at Praia da Luz on May 3, would follow suit.

    According to the Penal Process Code, if the maximum time limit for the duration of the inquiry (eight months) is overstepped without an accusation or archiving dispatch, the process must cease to be under judicial secrecy. The same law also foresees that an inquiry may be declared of an "exceptional complexity" due to the "highly organised character of the crime".

    The facts that the child's body has not yet been found, and that there is no conclusive evidence about Murat's or the McCann couple's involvement yet, may frame the case into this legal concept. The Policia Judiciaria continues to investigate this case, while it waits for the rogatory letters to arrive at Leicester Police, in the United Kingdom. Those documents will be used to perform new questionings on the seven friends of the British couple, with whom they spent their holidays, and whose statements are awaited with expectation.

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    in Jornal de Noticias this morning:

    Copied from: post #218

    Parents reveal new sketch

    Yesterday, Kate and Gerry McCann launched a new campaign within the search for their daughter, by revealing two images of a suspect that they believe is responsible for the disappearance of the 4-year-old little girl, on May 3, in Praia da Luz (Lagos). The drawings reveal the figure of a man who looks North-African, and who raised suspicions shortly before Madeleine's disappearance.

    According to Gail Cooper, an English tourist who stayed with her husband and her granddaughter at the same resort ('Ocean Club') from which Madeleine would later disappear, the man is not a Portuguese citizen and was reportedly seen three times, behaving in unusual ways.

    According to the interpretation of the family itself, this man may be the same who was seen by Jane Tanner on the evening when Maddie disappeared, and whose drawing was revealed last October. But, this time, the images reveal details of the suspect's face. A second drawing shows the same man walking, dresses in a brown jacket and a blue pullover.

    "There are obvious similarities between both sketches. We are not saying this is definitely the same man, but we want to know who he is and where he is. We want to find him, and quickly", the family's spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, stated to JN.

    During the presentation of the images, the McCanns' spokesman made an appeal for a worldwide search to find this man, and added that the new images were delivered to the PJ and to Interpol. But the campaign is being run by the private investigation agency Metodo 3, which is located in Barcelona. The drawings were comissioned by the private detectives, and executed by an FBI-trained artist.

    With dark hair and a latin look, the suspect that was described by Gail Cooper is approximately 40 years old and very skinny, which are characteristics that fit the description that was made by Jane Tanner to the PJ. This man was seen three times by Cooper, between the 20th and the 22nd of April. On one of the occasions, he reportedly followed a group of children during a walk on the beach, but the witness only revealed her suspicions to the English police after Madeleine's alleged disappearance.

    "The police had access to this information, but for some reason no sketch was comissioned. We contacted this witness a week ago, and comissioned this image".

    A connection to the disappearance of Mari Luz in Huelva has been dismissed by the McCann team, who still believe that Madeleine may be alive.

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    this morning (1/20) in Correio da Manha - an opinion article by Moita Flores:

    Copied from: post #80

    Maddie and Mari Luz

    Mari Luz disappeared from a public area. Maddie and her siblings were abandoned by their parents [...] they were exposed to chance

    Every time that a sequence of violent acts occurs, whether homicides, abductions, or terrorist acts, the first exercise that our common sense memory does, is to search for communions and to make analogies that tend to generalistic judgements that puff up one or another solution. When these facts have a strong impact within the media, the level of certainty that is formulated increases even more. It is therefore hardly surprising, that the disappearance of Mari Luz prompted the search for identifications with the Maddie case, leading to the comfortable and opportunistic theory that there are connections between both cases, both being the victims of a sexual predator.

    There do not exist. Although close in time, they are absolutely different cases. Beginning with the space where the facts took place. Maddie disappeared from the room where she was sleeping, alongside her siblings, inside the apartment that belonged to her parents, even if only for the duration of their holidays. Mari Luz disappeared from a public space. The time coordinate is also different. The English girl disappeared during the night, the Spanish girl disappeared during the day. The location is also different. Mari Luz disappears in a street of her neighbourhood - and those who know this area in Huelva, know that we are talking about a poor community, of degraded housing or modest construction, which is inhabited by persons with financial difficulties, where the street is used by its inhabitants as a playground. To play on the streets in Torrejon is a socially normal action, there are neighborhood relationships, the bonds of social mutual recognition are evident. It is normal for a mother to send her child shopping. According to the daily behaviour patterns, it cannot be said that the parents abandoned Mari Luz. That space is the community's territory. Maddie and her siblings were abandoned by their parents, in a foreign country, in a quality resort but, due to their short stay, that was strange to them and to their children. They went out to drink while the children were delivered to chance. But within a safe, controlled unit, without space for an abductor to act naturally. The public space is where abductions take place, by excellence. On streets, in shopping areas, on beaches, or when large crowds meet in open air. The private space, the home, is the territory of love, of violence, of tenderness and of death. But this is not where differences end. Mari Luz's parents immediately communicated the case to authorities. The police heard about Maddie long after the English diplomacy and Sky News did. The parents of Mari Luz expose themselves, in their suffering and distress, to the police and to the media. Maddie's parents chose to make emotional appeals but without a coherent explanation about what happened. They brought in a spokesperson to tell the press what it wanted to hear, but themselves, when it was time, refused to talk and left. The organised web never wanted to discuss the case's details. They chose to insult the PJ and the country that gave them shelter.

    The truth, the sad truth, is that two children went missing. One, almost certainly, is dead. The other, the authorities still hope to find her alive. I hope they will. Unfortunately, these are not the first cases, and they will not be the last ones. They are cases from our common life. Unfortunately.

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    Correio de Manha (Bad Link)

    translated by Li @ post #182

    22 January 2008

    Sketch: Dozens of witnesses claim they saw him
    The suspect is everywhere

    Dozens of phone calls were received by detectives who are working for the McCanns, following the disclosure of the photo-fit of a possible suspect. "We received many calls that are not important," admitted to the CM Clarence Mitchell,spokesman of the family, "but at the same time we also received dozens of phone calls with important information," he added.

    Clarence Mitchell does not specify from where the calls are made,if they are from British who were in Praia da Luz or residents in the area, but ensures that "many people saw the man on the spot." Nonetheless yesterday in Luz, nobody remembered the individual, McCann's spokesman ensured to the press that there is a girl of 12 years old who remembers the man. Clarence Mitchell, however, did not want to tell who is that mysterious witness.

    The detectives of the Spanish agency Metodo 3 that are working for the McCanns are now examining all clues received by telephone. "We can not say that we will find the man but we are trying," said to the CM Clarence Mitchell. "Nor do we say that he is suspect of kidnapping but we want to know if he has anything to do with the disappearance," he added.

    The photo-fit is seen as "one of the most important clues that the detectives of Metodo 3 are working on," concluded the spokesman of Kate and Gerry.

    Meanwhile,the PJ is still awaiting the response of the British authorities concerning the rogatory letters sent to England, asking for new interrogations to the group that spent holidays in Praia da Luz "Till now there is no novelty," confirmed to the CM source linked to the research.

    About this issue, Clarence Mitchell assured that "officially there is no information that PJ wants to interrogate Kate or Gerry." Nevertheless, "they are willing to cooperate with the authorities in order to speed the investigation," the spokesman continued, "they want to show to the Portuguese police they have nothing to do with the disappearance of their daughter."

    Clarence Mitchell admitted knowing that there is a request from the Judiciary in Eurojust (the European agency which is the connection between the departments of Justice of the European Union countries), "but I do not know whether they want to question Kate and Gerry, the group of nine friends or just some of them. "

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    This morning in 24Horas (, courtesy of Li at the Mirror Forum

    Copied from: post #194

    Nobody in Praia da Luz saw the alleged kidnapper of Madeleine

    "I would never forget a face like this"

    Many questions the fact that the image only appeared now. There are some that say he looks like Charles Bronson the actor

    Text: Sónia Trigueirão

    The inhabitants of Praia da Luz, Algarve, guaranteed that they never saw the man represented in the photo-fit divulged by the McCann's family as being the alleged kidnapper of Madeleine. Almost all of the persons interviewed yesterday by 24 Horas said that if they had seen him they would remember. " I would never forget a face like this", was the most repeated sentence.

    Carla, 32 years old and client of the video club Eureka had already seen the photo in the newspapers. "It is strange it only appears now. So many months after people don't remember half of the faces that passed through here at the time. Nonetheless, I think that if I have seen him I would never forget", she said to 24 Horas. And she added that the photo reminded her of someone: " When I saw that photo in the newspapers it seemed to me like Charles Bronson".

    Edward Price, Tuc Price's brother, friend of Robert Murat refused to be photographed seeing the image of the alleged kidnapper but he gave his opinion: "He does not seem alike with anyone I know or I have seen in the area. But 8 months after what are they expecting by showing this image. There are many questions that were not made. How, why only now? ".

    Kneen, British citizen, 56 years old, living in Praia da Luz for three years goes further and gives some suggestions to the authorities. "Please! If I was the kidnapper I would never walk in the street like this. I think that they should try to make different images from this one and put them side by side", he said suggesting that they should make another image without the moustache or even with shorter hair. "Does anyone believe that the man was walking in the streets like that waiting to be caught?". Haynes Hubbard, the Anglican priest friend of the McCanns did not recognize the photo: "I only arrived here two months after the disappearance of Madeleine, but after that I never came across with nobody like this man. I wish I did! I could help Gerry and Kate".

    We also spoke with some employees of the Ocean Club, the resort from where Madeleine disappeared. None recognised the man.

    We heard the same answer in the Baptista's supermarket, the Tapas Bar and in the coffee shops near the beach where the British went during their holidays in Algarve.

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    in Correio da Manha this morning:

    Copied from: post #82

    Photofit: Police dismisses any connection to the case
    PJ has already spoken to suspect

    The "terrifying" man that Gail Cooper described as a suspect, originating the photofit that was released by the McCanns this week, was contacted by the Policia Judiciaria twenty days after the disappearance of Madeleine. After the image was published, the Judiciaria spoke to him again, and at the moment dismisses any connection [of this man] to the case.

    A source that is connected to the process has confirmed to Correio da Manha that "at the time, a person that had been pointed out as a suspect by a tourist that had been in Luz, was contacted. He was cleared of any suspicion at that time".

    This week, "another English citizen, who spent her holidays in Portugal, pointed out the same person as being the one that was portrayed by the photofit", the same source explains. As a result, the man "was once more contacted and it is clear that he has no connection to the case whatsoever", is being guaranteed.

    It should be referred that the PJ does not assume that the man they spoke to is the same that can be seen on the photofit. "In certain aspects he matches the description but, for example, presently the hair even looks different. Now he has rastas", the source says. The Judiciaria is not giving a lot of importance to the image that is being publicised by the McCanns, defending that the photofit "could apply to many persons".

    At the time when Madeleine disappeared, on May 3 last year, besides this man "there was also a couple that was indicated as suspicious, by tourists who were there on holidays", the same source continues. The couple "was cleared of any suspicion" after having been contacted by the Judiciaria.

    Gail Cooper, who made the description for the photofit, was in Praia da Luz in April.

    To the English press, Gail said that, during that month, she saw the person near the Ocean Club apartments, from where Madeleine would disappear in May.

    Threatened to get a gun

    Correio da Manha, based on information that was given by some locals whom the photofit was shown yesterday, tried to speak to the man who seems to be the one who was heard by the Judiciaria. Our purpose was to hear the person's version about the issue and to confirm whether it actually was the person upon whom suspicions were cast by the English citizens.

    The man, who lives in the area between Espiche and Barao de Sao Joao, in the Lagos municipality, reacted intemperately when he was approached by the CM's reporters, and gave us no opportunity to start a dialogue. Surrounded by several dogs, the man even threatened to fetch "the gun" from his house, in order to make the reporters leave the area, and then returned to his house, extremely upset and allowing for no explanations, despite our appeals for him to calm down.



    The contact that was made with the person "was in no way an interrogation or a questioning", a source that is connected to the process stressed, "it was an informal contact to clarify any type of suspicion".


    Although Clarence Mitchell guarantees that numerous phonecalls have been received, from persons who say they saw the suspect, the PJ has not received any information or denunciation, except for those from the two English citizens.


    Gail Cooper, who gave the description that gave origin to the photofit, has returned to Portugal in an attempt to find the individual that looked suspicious to her, the British press reveals. "I have returned because I want to help", Gail said. The English citizen is going to try to help the Spanish detective agency Metodo 3, that was hired by the McCanns to find their daughter.

    One hundred thousand euros in the fund for MariLuz

    The fund that supports the searches to find Mari Luz, the Spanish girl that disappeared 11 days ago in Huelva, has already achieved one hundred thousand euros, Luis Molina, the family's spokesman, has confirmed to CM. The bank account that was opened at the BBVA to finance the campaign "started out with 400 euros and has grown every day", said this element of the family, which considers the possibility of using this money to pay for private detectives. The searches are ongoing on location, namely in the area of the Marina in Huelva. As the chief inspector of the Policia Nacional, Jose Tocornal, told CM, all the garbage from the city continues to be analysed "until next week" and clues are searched for "at construction dump areas". The authorities guarantee that "all the informations are being investigated".

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    in 24Horas this morning:

    Copied from: post #80

    Rogatory letter was in England but was returned to the State Attorney
    English tantrum delays process

    The letter that was destinated to interrogate the McCanns and their friends returned because of simple bureaucratic problems. The PJ was unaware of this whole story

    A veritable 'tantrum' from the English is delaying the conclusion of the investigations into the Madeleine case. The English have already held the letter that contains the questions that the PJ wants to be asked from the McCann family and their friends - sent by Eurojust, the European entity that is competent to establish the judicial connection between various countries - but their understanding was that some bureaucratic formalities were not being observed. And they requested a new letter.

    The team of investigators which is led by Paulo Rebelo was unaware of this situation. "It took us a month to elaborate the questions and to request the translation. All that work was done during the end of the year 2007. We always thought that the letter was in England, to be executed", says a source at the PJ that is connected to the process.

    The first letter that was sent to the Home Office - the equivalent to our Interior Administration Ministery - gathered all the conditions that were necessary to be immediately accepted.

    "The letter was translated and duly prepared. Two persons from Eurojust had been working on it, not in terms of the contents, but of the legal procedures, so it could be executed. One was a Portuguese jurist, the other was English. There were direct contacts with the Home Office. Unfortunately, the English understood that there were still some procedures that should be observed and demanded that the letter was sent through normal diplomatic channels, and not through Eurojust", José Lopes da Mota, the president of that entity, explained to 24Horas.

    Second version

    "The case is being followed by us with a lot of attention. The English could have accepted the version that we prepared, but that did not happen. They made suggestions and we transmitted them to the competent authorities. At this moment, there is a second version of the rogatory letter that is following the legal diplomatic channels that were demanded by the British. But that does not mean it's the final one. There have been cases where we had to send three or four versions for this type of request to be accepted. The English just asked for the letter to be reformulated, according to their right", Lopes da Mota said.

    A source at the State Attorney's Office clarified yesterday that the letter was sent by the Public Ministery via Eurojust at the beginning of this month, but "the English authorities raised some questions from that European entity". Therefore, the State Attorney's Office admitted, "the letter was sent back to the Public Ministery".

    And it concludes: "The State Attorney's Office is now trying to solve a problem it did not create".

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    A summary of news from PT today:

    (Copied from: post #91)

    Antonio Cluny, the president of the Magistrates' Union, considers it is 'extremely worrying' that the ND of the PJ makes any comments about pending processes, and asks for such situations not to be repeated. A source that is close to Mr Ribeiro speaks of misinterpretation, saying his words meant to say that if the McCanns had remained as witnesses, they might not have left to England as soon as they did, and might have been more cooperative with Justice. The suspicions of the PJ about the McCann couple remain unchanged. The underwater searches that were comissioned by a lawyer from Madeira, in the reservoir near Silves, continue.

    Two opinion articles have been translated by Li and posted by HappyDog.

    The statements of Alípio Ribeiro generate dissatisfaction in the Criminal Police


    The inspectors are against the statements made by the national director

    The discontent is installed amidst the inspectors of the Judicial Police (PJ) of Algarve. The problem were the statements made by the national director, Alípio Ribeiro, to the programme "Diga lá Excelência" of the RR and to the newspaper Público, in which he acknowledges there has been "some haste" to constitute arguidos Gerry and Kate McCann for the supposed death of their daughter Madeleine ,nine months ago, in Praia da Luz, near Lagos, where the family spent holidays and the child disappeared. The researchers continue to suspect of the involvement of the British couple in the concealment of the body of the girl on the night of May 3, 2007, although the results of the samples of blood and hair collected are not conclusive.

    When the mother of Maddie was heard on 6 and 7 September,at the Department of Criminal Investigation (DIC) of Portimão of the PJ, several inspectors wanted to arrest her. However, the public prosecutor of Portimão, José Magalhães e Menezes, objected to. Even so, and already after Gerry and Kate have returned to the United Kingdom, some researchers involved in the process maintained the conviction that they have evidence that could lead to the preventive arrest of the couple. Only the political pressure from the British have prevented them from going further.

    The DN found, that there are people in the PJ that understand that the new declarations of Alípio Ribeiro are nothing more than a situation of bluff, and were only meant to "test waters".

    In the interpretation of some inspectors,when the national director of the Judicial Police talked about "precipitation" in the constitution of Madeleine's parents as defendants, that still remain subjected to Term of identity and residence in England, he did it to "see what were the reactions of the McCanns and also the Portuguese. "

    Other researchers have confessed their "dissatisfaction" by the assertions of Alípio Ribeiro, saying "it's difficult to work in a country that most resembles a banana Republic. The more you do you can not make a difference" .

    Astonished and speechless facing the interview of the national director of the PJ is the lawyer of the Portuguese-British Robert Murat, the first to be constituted defendant in Madeleine's case on May 14, 2007, on suspicion of kidnapping, and after his mother's house was passed through fine comb, about two hundred meters of the apartment of The Ocean Club, where the child disappeared, as well as the inspection to the family's car. "I find this all very strange",said yesterday to the DN Francisco Pagarete.

    With a sad voice,the lawyer refused to make more comments. He did not mention if he is also considering requiring to the MP the withdrawal of the status of arguido of Robert Murat. "It is a situation that I have not yet looked at," noted the lawyer which, as the DN advanced at the time, bet in the closure of the case concerning his client from November 13, 2007, when seven months since he was accused were completed. "I do not intend to make any comment in relation to the statements.I will not react in any way," insisted the lawyer, not hiding his surprise by the considerations outlined by the maximum responsible of the PJ.

    (from: post #75)

    Investigation: the suspicion concerning the couple continues
    Magistrate asks silence to the Director of the Criminal Police

    The experience of Alípio Ribeiro as a magistrate "perhaps" had led him "to another evaluation," he said to the Radio Renascença about the decision of the public prosecutor (MP) in constituting the McCanns arguidos.Meanwhile a source close to the national director of the PJ told the CM that when he spoke of "precipitation" he was misinterpreted, the President of the Association of Magistrates of the Public Prosecutors responds: "I do not know if he is right or not, but this conduct of speaking about pending cases is extremely worrying. "

    Anthony Cluny says he does not know the process, but what "concerns him is starting to see that the high responsible for the legal institutions do not restrain themselves to comment on pending cases - which can lead precisely to misinterpretation. " And he leaves an implicit appeal to the Director of the PJ, " this kind of situation should not be repeated: it's needed containment and reserves in the speech" from now on.

    In any case, the CM found that the suspicions of the PJ on the McCanns concerning the eventual death of their daughter remain. And a source close to Alípio Ribeiro says that the words of the director will have been in the sense that if Kate and Gerry had been kept witnesses, as would dictate the new Criminal Procedure Code (CPP), "perhaps they had not depart immediateyl to England . And they would be more cooperative with the Justice. "

    The day the PJ decided to tighten the siege to the McCanns,with searches and interviews of 11 hours to Kate, for example, "there was no other option but to constitute them arguidos" - we were on September 7 and the new CPP came into force a week later. The current law requires that there is a "reasonable suspicion" to constitute anyone arguido and, until September 15, "any suspicion that existed obliged to that constitution."

    The suspects benefited with the measure taken and " the investigation was undermined." If the Public Prosecutor had expected one week for the new law, "it would be possible to keep them as witnesses and they would be more cooperative with the following steps."

    Instead, we are seeing for more than two months an attempt to question the friends of the couple, by rogatory letters that, as the CM published last week, have not yet left the Attorney General's Office.

    "THERE WAS A PRECIPITATION": Alípio Ribeiro, director of the PJ

    -Do you consider that there was a precipitation in constituting arguidos Kate and Gerry McCann?

    Alípio Ribeiro - Today, at this distance, with the experience I have as a public prosecutor - although the constitution of defendants in investigations ... the Director of the Judicial Police does not give orders - perhaps another evaluation should have been made. I have no doubt about that.

    - Was there some precipitation?

    - There was some precipitation.
    Precipitation as "An unexpected acceleration or hastening"

    (from: post #80)

    Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who is one of the most popular commentators on Portuguese tv, said that Mr Ribeiro's statements are 'very grave' and that they have killed the PJ's investigation.

    Diario de Noticias reports that Mr Ribeiro's words have created an ill feeling within the PJ, because the investigators still suspect that the parents were involved in the concealment of the child's corpse. Several investigators wanted to detain Mrs McCann when she was questioned on September 6/7, and even after the McCanns returned to England, some investigators remained convinced that they had enough evidence to request the preventive imprisonment of the couple. Only the political pressure from the English prevented this from happening. Some people at the PJ believe that Mr Ribeiro was 'testing the waters' to watch for reactions. Others have expressed their 'insatisfaction' over his words. Mr Pagarete, Murat's lawyer, could hardly conceal his surprise over Mr Ribeiro's statements. He did not comment, but it is reported that he found the whole situation very strange.

    Jornal de Noticias reports about Mr Mitchell demanding that the McCanns be immediately relieved of their arguido status, and stating that they are innocent.

    24Horas reports that the McCanns forgive the PJ and that they want their arguido status removed so they can fully cooperate with the Policia Judiciaria. The Public Prosecutor's Office states that the McCanns' processual status will be reappreciated 'in due time'. The McCanns issued no comments about the searches that are being carried out by the lawyer from Madeira, in the Silves reservoir. The lawyer, Marcos Aragao, says he has the support of Metodo 3, although the searches are being entirely financed by himself.

    Diario Digital extensively reports about Mr Cluny's comment, as the head of the Magistrates' Union asked for the observation of the Duty of Reserve, i.e. that those who lead judiciary or parajudiciary institutions should not comment on open processes. This seems to be a new trend in Portugal: everyone thinks he/she has a right to comment on everything, even against clear ethical guidance rules that are mentioned in the Law.

    Radio Renancenca also reports on Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa saying, yesterday evening on tv, that Mr Ribeiro's statements were extremely serious and have 'killed' the Judiciaria's investigation.

    TVI reports that the McCanns have asked to stop being arguidos. This morning, the news on TVI were reporting that their arguido status would only be reappreciated 'in due time', according to what has been stated by the Public Prosecution Office.

    Destak, a free daily newspaper, cites Rogerio ALves, one of the Portuguese lawyers that represent the McCanns, as saying that he is pondering the presentation of a request to relieve the McCanns from arguido status, and to make them assistants in the process, which they would have become if they hadn't been made arguidos (assistant is a status that basically is given to the victim, or to the victim's next of kin, as assistants to the Public Prosecution).

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    in Correio da Manha today (2/5):

    Copied from: post # 88

    Maddie case prompts crisis within Justice
    Director's statements open new war at the PJ

    After having set Gonçalo Amaral aside because of public statements from the officer that was in charge of the Maddie case investigation, the national director is now under fire for having said, also publicly, that there was 'precipitation' from the entity that he directs and from the Public Ministry in constituting the McCanns as arguidos.

    Alipio Ribeiro's statements contradict what he defended himself about the Maddie case earlier on (see column with citations) and are classified as 'very serious' by judges and prosecutors, but also by high-ranking officials within the Judiciaria, who did not appreciate the director's stance. CM asked the Ministry of Justice whether Alipio Ribeiro, a longtime friend of [Justice Minister] Alberto Costa, has the necessary conditions to remain in his post, but until this edition closed, there was no reply. The Public Prosecutor's Office has also remained silent.

    An exclusive decision for the PJ

    The Public Ministry agreed, but the decision to make Kate and Gerry McCann arguidos was taken by Goncalo Amaral, a coordinator at the PJ and the official who was formerly in charge of the case. He took "a decision that was exclusively from the PJ, which has autonomy within the investigation", a senior police officer recalls for CM. And he adds: "The national director speaks of precipitation now, based on his experience as a prosecutor within the Public Ministry - but, by doing this, he is distancing himself from the entity that he directs, in order to position himself alongside the magistrature."

    Alipio Ribeiro's statements didn't go well with the PJ's high-ranking officials, having been seen "once again" as coming from "someone who does not defend his police, and who likes to reaffirm his status as a magistrate under these situations - more balanced than policemen when it is time to make decisions".

    Another leading PJ official says that this is not the first time that the national director has surprised with his public statements. When he was questioned by journalists over the role that the Public Ministry's special team, lead by prosecutor Helena Fazenda, has in fighting crime in Oporto nightlife, Alipio Ribeiro said it was "to investigate. But he showed a complete lack of knowledge because the processes that concern those crimes were already being investigated by the PJ in Oporto..."

    Searches in the Arade reservoir have been suspended

    The searches that have been comissioned by Madeira lawyer Marcos Aragão in the Arade reservoir, near Portimao, were suspended yesterday, and today it was not yet known whether they would continue. The decision was prompted by the divers' tiredness, due to the difficulties they encountered in exploring the area. At the reservoir's bottom, visibility is almost none and the divers search only with their hands.

    Marcos Aragao is determined not to abandon the searches. He is convinced that Madeleine's body was dumped in that location, and the lawyer guaranteed to CM that "until the reservoir is completely searched" he has no reasons "to doubt the leads". Leads that he states he collected, but which he does not reveal.

    During the four days that the searches in the reservoir have lasted for, the divers only found a rope made out of blinds' strings and a piece of wood. The operation started on Thursday and lasted until Sunday. Marcos Aragão guarantees that he has spent approximately five thousand euros out of his own pocket.

    Alipio Ribeiro's contradictions

    - "I don't see that as predictable [changing coercion measures on the couple], even though it is a decision that is for the Public Ministry to make, which has accompanied the entire investigation because its direction belongs to them. It is obvious that they will evaluate the situation, but I don't see a need for that, at the moment." September 10, on RTP

    - "All the investigation lines will remain open. There will only be conclusions drawn at the end. At this moment, it would be speculation and none of us wants to prompt speculation because that would hurt the investigation. This is not an easy investigation." October 10, during a press conference

    - "[The rogatory letter to interrogate the McCann couple's friends] is ready and will travel to England with a team, within days. [...] The investigation lacks a click." October 21, to 'El Pais'

    Lawyers explore statement

    The Portuguese lawyers that represent the McCanns, Carlos Pinto de Abreu and Rogerio Alves, didn't loose any time, and after Alipio Ribeiro's words were published, they revealed that they are pondering a request to change Kate and Gerry's status in the process: from arguidos to assistants.

    "Normally, the arguido situation runs until the end of the inquiry. But during the inquiry there can be a change of status", the former head of the Bar explained, and admitted to request the change from arguido status to that of assistants to the Public Ministery "in short term".


    "Offend the Police and the Public Ministery" Rui Rangel, Judge

    "The statements from the PJ's director are what is precipitated, extremely serious and needless. They show a lack of responsibility and they offend the credibility of the PJ and the Public Ministry."

    "Those are complicated statements" António Martins, Judge

    "Those are complicated statements, internally for the Policia Judiciaria to begin with, in the relationship between that police force and the Public Ministery, and for him personally."

    "It is serious. He could not speak out." Fernando Negrao, Former Director of the PJ

    "Those are serious statements. And there was precipitation, yes, but from the PJ's director. It is not a part of his job to speak out about about a process that is under investigation and which has a person that is responsible for it, who is the prosecutor."


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    I'm stealing this translation from 3A's - posted by Li - it's today's (2/11) 24Horas article:


    The trial of Kate and Gerry McCann will be held in Portugal if they are accused

    The public prosecutor of Portimão has a problem in his hands and only the new questioning to Maddie's parents can solve the case. The bet is from the judge

    Text Carlos Tomás

    In the edge of the sword. All the investigation of Maddie's case runs the risk to return to zero. The PJ was unable till know to reunite any evidence that allows the public prosecutor of Portimão, Magalhães e Menezes to accuse without doubt the four arguidos in the process.
    The public prosecutor wants, according to judicial sources, to advance with an accusation based on the strong belief of the judge who has the process, Pedro Frias.
    "The truth is that evidence collected are not 100% conclusive. But everything points out to the involvement of the parents in the disappearance of the child. From the vestiges of blood found in the flat to the DNA tests and the evidence collected in the car rented by the couple 25 days after the disappearance. The testimonies also don't leave doubts. But in the end there isn't a heavy evidence. It's all a question of strong belief" said a judicial source.
    The same source adds: "All the evidence depends of the results that will be obtained after the rogatory letter that was already sent to England. We expect to find contradictions between the depositions made by the McCanns and their friends. The key to the mystery may be in these new depositions but is a very tiny hope because the couple and their friends have been meeting to get their stories right when confronted with the authorities".

    The Public Prosecutor has "the hot potato" in his hands

    Magalhães e Menezes, has acording to several PJ sources contacted by the 24 Horas a "hot potato in his hands".
    If he shelves the case all the public opinion will criticise him. If he accuses we won't get ride of all the pressures that have been a constant in this case, not only by the McCanns but also by their defenders and the British media that have been doing everything to denigrate the image of the Portuguese authorities" said a high responsible in the General's Attorney Office.

    "Prosecute the McCanns? I don't believe"

    "An accusation against the McCanns? I don't believe. They are suffering in double. They lost a daughter and they are considered suspects? And what about the evidence? I want to believe that the process against them will be shelved. I hope that the case does not go to trial. Based in what? The important is to discover the truth. That is what the authorities must do. I understand that some mistakes might have occurred in the initial phase of the investigation, but that is not McCanns fault". These are the words of the McCanns lawyer Carlos Pinto de Abreu. If the McCanns are prosecuted they will have to return to Portugal to the trial. "In this case if that happens, the trial will take place in Portugal. I don't see any motives to be held in another country. The trials take place in the country where the crime took place", confirmed the lawyer. ... 63&link=15 (bad link)
    Copied from:

    **A big thank you to Li, who gave me permission to copy her translations.

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    Copied from:

    2/12/08 24Horas

    Faces analysis techniques point to failures in the McCanns description

    "The kidnapping thesis is ludicrous"

    A 3 dimensional video, made by the team Paulo Sargento and Pedro Gamito ridicules the photo-fits

    Text Rute Coelho

    The work was made during a week by the forensic psychologist Paulo Sargento in partnership with the technological engineer Pedro Gamito.The team juxtaposed the three photo-fits that existed from the presumable kidnapper and work them in 20 programs of faces analysis.
    And dismounted the kidnapping thesis, "The kidnapping thesis is ludicrous" defends Paulo Sargento.
    The video begins with the first image of the kidnapper (the faceless man) walking with the kid in his arms. In the subtitles, in English, the researcher questions: "How can the first description of the kidnapper be so vague? 1,70 meters high, dark skin, Mediterranean hair. Six months after the first description a second image: "Is it possible not to see the face of someone that carries a child and notice the beige trousers the brown jacket and the classic shoes?"
    The video shows "the intuition form of looking to someone that carries a child".You look from the waist to the head and not from the waist to the feet.
    Eight months after, the last photo fit the face of the man with beard and long hair. "We show that this photo-fit is inconsistent with the first one. Curiously it keeps the brown jacket and the dark hair, the only common characteristics", referred to 24 Horas Paulo Sargento.

    "Neanderthal style"

    The "superciliary arcades" (the frontal cranium behind the eyebrows) are the style of the Neanderthal man and point to an archetype of the criminal" the forensic psychologist comments. "This means that is a hybrid photo fit made to give an appearance from the region of the Maghreb. But why must the kidnapper be from Morocco, Spain or Portugal and cannot be Anglo-Saxon? It would even make more sense to be someone who knew the family routine", he concluded. If the PJ wants to use the video it is available on the Internet.

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    Updated: 14 February 2008

    Madeleine case may be dropped


    THE MADELEINE McCann case may be dropped by Portuguese police if new evidence to sustain the continuity of the investigation is not found, it is believed in the Portuguese judicial sector.

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    This morning, in PT news, there is an article in Correio da Manha which was translated by Li for the 3Arguidos. I'm reposting with permission:



    Alberto Costa does not explain the polemic sentence of Alipio

    The minister of Justice went yesterday to the Parliament to explain what the national director of the PJ, Alipio Ribeiro, meant when he said that there was a "hasty" in constituting the McCanns arguidos, but after two hours he did not say a lot.

    "I don't have and I should not have knowledge of the investigation but I decided that it was my duty to maintain the confidence in the director of the PJ", said Alberto Costa - although Reuters quoted him saying: "We are approaching the conclusion of the case"-, he finished saying that "there is no indication that the process has been affected" by the statement of Alipio Ribeiro.

    The minister heard at request of the CDS-PP after he maintained the confidence in the director of the PJ, only got close to a justification for the polemic declaration when he reminded that at 7th of September when the McCanns where made arguidos the penal laws in force where different. "At that time it was not necessary sustained suspicious to constitute anyone arguido", he said, which means that the constitution of the McCanns as arguidos was not made based on sustained suspicions, what reinforces the thesis that the director of the PJ wants to prepare the public opinion to the shelving of the case.

    The minister underlined that in United Kingdom and according to a British authority, "80% of the cases alike (to Maddie's) are not solved". He denied also that Alipio Ribeiro has breached the secrecy of law and refused to reveal his opinion about the polemic: "I will never comment public declarations of people that are under my dependency".


    Without answer

    At least two questions made to the minister did not receive an answer.
    "The national director was concerted with you in that declaration?", asked Nuno Melo from the CDS.
    "Do you think that the declaration is innocuous?" asked Aguiar Branco, MP from the PSD.

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    in Diario de Noticias this morning:

    Copied from: post #57

    On-site investigation stopped for over a month

    Inspectors waiting for the rogatory letters

    The Policia Judiciaria's on-site investigation into the Maddie case has been on a standby for over a month, since late December. In January, as far as DN was able to establish, the only diligences that were carried out were mainly related to the photofit and were discrete and informal. This happens at a time when the PJ awaits a green light from the English authorities to watch the interrogations of the McCann couple and their friends that were spending holidays with them in Praia da Luz, where the child disappeared from, following the rogatory letters from the Public Ministery that were again sent to England in January. And at a time when it is stated that the investigation is maintained "with the same intensity" both on the theory of the child's accidental death and concealment of the body by her parents, and on the abduction theory. It is also remembered that yesterday, in Parliament, the minister of Justice guaranteed that the recent statement from the PJ's director saying that there was precipitation in the constitution of arguidos, did not affect the investigation. But the same investigation, as far as diligences on the terrain are concerned, is stalled.

    The last movements of the PJ in Praia da Luz, surrounded with utmost discretion, took place during the last week of January, when inspectors approached, in an informal way at the hairdresser's where she works, the present partner of Joaquim Marques, the individual whose physiognomy is similar to that of the photofit that had been released, only a few days earlier, by the McCann couple about the alleged suspect of involvement in the disappearance of Madeleine. As DN was able to establish at that time, it was that person, British citizen Rabecca Barnes, who led the police to the house where the couple lives, in the rural area of Barao de Sao Joao, in the council of Lagos. But early on, the PJ dismissed the involvement of Joaquim Marques, aged 30, who had been condemned for raping a young English citizen in Praia da Luz, in 1996, in the disappearance of Maddie.

    Approximately two weeks before that diligence, in early January, the investigators spent five minutes in an informal conversation in a parking lot in Praia da Luz, with an English gardener, after an anonymous email had been sent to British newspapers and to the PJ, associating him to the scenario of Maddie's abduction, because of being a "weird" person. The PJ, that did not even consider the possibility of summoning the man for an interrogation, did not attribute any credibility to this lead, as it is suspected that the email that denounced the gardener was sent by someone who had had personal problems with the person.

    The Spanish detective agency Metodo3, which was hired by the McCann couple from October 2007 until March 2008, with the purpose of finding Maddie, continues to hear local residents in the Algarve (and elsewhere). For these investigators, no information in any part of the world can be dismissed. Portugal and Morocco are the countries where presently Metodo 3 intensifies its investigations.

    The process concerning the rogatory letters, which include approximately fourty questions, is now regarded as the PJ's last trump card to avoid the archiving of the Madeleine case, especially after the tests on the blood that was found in the apartment and in the car that was rented by the parents revealed themselves as inconclusive.

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    There is an article in 24Horas that reports on comments from Mr Mitchell and from John McCann, demanding to know what the PJ has done to find Madeleine over the last nine months, and saying that the McCanns are afraid that the PJ did not search for Madeleine, as they were busy trying to accuse the parents.

    Copied from: post #59
    (Thanks to summer)

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    in 24Horas this morning (2/15):

    Copied from: post #219

    Inspectors carried out five new interrogations

    Judiciaria returned to the Ocean Club

    The investigations into the case of the disappearance of Madeleine are not stalled. And they can be extended for another three months

    The Policia Judiciaria returned, last week, to the Ocean Club, the resort from where Madeleine McCann disappeared on May 3, 2007. 24Horas was able to establish that the PJ's investigators went to hear five witnesses that had already given their depositions within the investigation.

    According to senior officials in the PJ, these are normal investigative procedures. "Diligences have been carried out every day. A team of twenty investigators remains on the case, led by superior coordinator Paulo Rebelo. Several questionings have been repeated and the statements are being duly analysed to try to find some lead that might open a new investigation line", a judicial official that is connected to the investigations guaranteed to 24Horas yesterday.

    Michaela's boyfriend questioned

    24Horas was able to establish that one of the persons that were questioned again was the boyfriend of Robert Murat's ex-partner, Michaela Walkzuch, a Portuguese man who used to clean the Ocean Club's pools, called Luis Antonio.

    Apart from that, the PJ still waits for the McCanns and the friends with whom they had dinner on the evening of the disappearance to be subject to new interrogations, in fulfillment of the rogatory letter that was sent by the Portuguese authorities. The same judicial source also stressed that a new request to the instruction judge at the Portimao Court, Pedro Frias, who holds the process, is being pondered,to extend the investigation deadline for an additional 90 days, if there is not a brief response to the aforementioned letter.


    They can rest

    The McCanns can rest concerning the investigations into the disappearance of their daughter, because they will not be closed until it is discovered what really happened to the child, an investigator of the case promised to 24Horas. "An investigation of this type is always open and all the clues that keep appearing are duly investigated", he guaranteed.

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    From Terra Noticias:

    Copied from: post #351

    Mari Luz’s family increases the reward to 300.000 euros for information leading directly to the little girl.

    In statements to Europa Press, Mari Luz’s father, Juan José Cortés, explained that direct family members have also decided to sell their possessions with the aim of finding information about what happened to the girl or so that whoever has her releases her after more than a month since her disappearance and that, after more than 3 weeks of the initial reward money being offered, no phone call has yet been received asking for the reward.

    In addition, Mari Luz’s family has not yet formalised the contracting of private detectives to “help” in the official investigation, “although yesterday they were going to formalise the contract with the Metodo 3 agency - which is working on the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann – which is too expensive and cannot guarantee all of the investigation” adding that “they are looking into other possibilities”.

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    Translation: Li

    Text Luís Maneta

    The McCanns promised to "flow" the south of Spain with 18 thousand posters with the images of the three missing children ' Madeleine, Mari Luz and Yeremi - but the truth is that in Huelva, yesterday, there was no sign of the posters.

    "I did not see any poster and we were not informed of anything. There is nothing" said to 24 Horas Luís Molina, spokesman of the Cortés family and uncle of Mari Luz, missing since the 13th of January.
    The journalists of a city newspaper also searched for the posters made by the McCanns. "We were aware of the initiative through a news agency and we wanted to photograph them but we could not find any", said Raquel Rendón journalist of the Spanish newspaper "Huelva Información".
    24 Horas questioned the spokesman of the McCanns about the distribution of the posters in Spain but could not get any reply till now. Clarence Mitchell said yesterday to our newspaper that the posters - in which appear the sentence "No nos olvideis" (Don't forget us) on the top of the photo of the missing children - were distributed in several public places, like schools, railway stations and shopping malls. In Huelva, the city where lives the family of Mari Luz Cortés and where thousands of people have shown through public demonstrations the support to the child and her family nobody saw them. "An action like this should have been agreed with us but nobody told us anything" said Luís Molina. Although he recognises that every initiative aimed to divulge the case "might be important" the spokesman of the Cortés says that he can't even speak about the content of the posters for a simple reason: "I did not see any". ... 68&link=08

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    Google translation:

    Mari Luz's family rejects a joint campaign with Madeleine
    EFE - EFE 15 hours - 15 hours
    Huelva, February 17 (EFE) .- The parents of Mari Luz Cortes, the girl Huelva disappeared five weeks ago today, have expressed their rejection of the possibility that her daughter appears on posters together with the British Madeleine McCann, to understand that investigations into both disappearances continue different lines. Huelva, February 17 (EFE) .- The parents of Mari Luz Cortes, the girl Huelva disappeared five weeks ago today, have expressed their rejection of the possibility that her daughter appears on posters together with the British Madeleine McCann, to understand that investigations into both disappearances continue different lines.

    At a press conference after talks with the president of the regional government of Andalusia, Manuel Chaves, the father of the child, Juan Jose Cortes, explained that had learned that the family intends Madeleine up posters with photos of the two girls boards, as well as with an image of the British girl with the canary Yéremi Vargas. At a press conference after talks with the president of the regional government of Andalusia, Manuel Chaves, the father of the child, Juan Jose Cortes, explained that had learned that the family intends Madeleine up posters with photos of the two girls boards, as well as with an image of the British girl with the canary Yéremi Vargas.

    Cortes has gone further to ensure that recourse to lawyers "for taking the picture of our daughter" for this campaign, as explained, the Portuguese press specifies that would forward through the provision of 4,000 euros by each family. Cortes has gone further to ensure that recourse to lawyers "for taking the picture of our daughter" for this campaign, as explained, specifies that the Portuguese would press forward through the provision of 4000 euros by each family.

    Mari Luz's father has indicated that the family is not against cooperating with the search for Madeleine, "and even helping to develop a poster with photos of all missing children," but he understood that it is " two different countries, two different lines of research. " Mari Luz's father has indicated that the family is not against cooperating with the search for Madeleine, "and even helping to develop a poster with photos of all missing children," but he understood that it is "two different countries, two different lines of research . "

    For his part, Manuel Chaves has explained that it has met today with parents to express all their solidarity, and hope to the family that everything will have a happy ending ", in addition to realize that they had reminded" that they have the full Administration at its disposal to try to find the girl. " For his part, Manuel Chaves has explained that it has met today with parents to express all their solidarity, and hope to the family that everything will have a happy ending ", in addition to realize that they had reminded" that they have the full Administration at its disposal to try to find the girl. "

    "I do not know if he serves them consolation, but if something can serve our support, so we wanted to convey directly," he concluded Chaves. "I do not know if he serves them consolation, but if something can serve our support, so we wanted to convey directly," he concluded Chaves.

    Juan Jose Cortes said about the interview: "The president has understood the pain that we have, and such meetings help us at least be backed by the government." Juan Jose Cortes said about the interview: "The president has understood the pain that we have, and such meetings help us at least be backed by the government."

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    Copied from: post #239

    The Judiciaria is paralysed

    Carlos Anjos, the president of the Union of Criminal Investigation Workers, says the statements that the PJ's director made about the Maddie case were a mistake. He blames him for the lack of means and the lack of payment of overtime: there are investigations that are doing the minimum services.

    What is the ASFIC's position concerning the statements from Alipio Ribeiro about the Maddie case?

    CA - To us, the statements that were made by the PJ's national director were a mistake. He should not have spoken about a process that is under investigation, even for reasons of self defense. But since he spoke about precipitation, it would have been convenient to explain what he understands as precipitation. The controversy would not have existed the way it did.

    Was the PJ affected?

    CA - It is logical that the director's statements came at a cost. But there was one thing that comforted the ASFIC: I did not feel the PJ under attack. The Judiciaria was set aside, and criticism was directed essentially at the author of the statements.

    The director was also criticised over wearing the skin of a magistrate.

    CA - For most of the time, Dr Alipio Ribeiro referred to the police as "we policemen", and at that point, he said "as a magistrate, I think..." Sincerely, we don't like to see the national director of the police wearing the skin of a magistrate, no matter who he is. We don't ask him to renegate his past, but to be a policeman for the time that he spends in the police.

    Do you think that Alipio Ribeiro is independent from the person who nominated him, the Justice Minister and friend Alberto Costa?

    CA - All the PJ's directors enter with the tag of governmentalised, and leave with the tag of politically independent. Is there an official post in Portugal that is not nominated by the government? Even the PGR [Public Prosecutor] is chosen by the government and nominated by the President... I don't know if the director is a friend of the Justice Minister or not. While he is here, he is logically our director.

    Do the serious economical problems of the PJ still stand?

    CA - This director has brought in new management practises for the police, with which we do not agree. Earlier, the PJ had no money and no means, now it has money and still no means. 200 vehicles were bought, but they didn't join the existing ones, because approximately 300 vehicles were discarded. The PJ was left with less means, and we are a mobile police force. We face dramatic situations in operational terms.

    Is the PJ paralised?

    CA - The PJ is paralised. We carry out the minimum services. We have a problem with overtime, the members of the police are leaving. When we publish the results of 2007, we will see the operational cost of trying to spare half a dozen euros. The PJ has lost in operational terms, in productivity, and has become more bureaucratic.


    You have been applauded by your public interventions in delicate cases. Would you like to become the PJ's spokesman?

    CA - I do not consider that issue as long as I am the president of ASFIC. ASFIC represents the employees of the Policia Judiciaria, and the PJ must solve that problem in another manner. But a communication department is indispensable and urgent.

    Do you defend that the PJ's direction should be occupied by policemen?

    CA - We defend the creation of the post of operational director, with a clear vision of criminal investigation, and that post should be occupied by a policeman.

    How does it feel to investigate under the new penal laws?

    CA _ Difficulties have increased. There has been no reinforcement of means, and the new code is much more demanding. The new laws have brought new things and good things, but the new things are not good, and the good things are not new.

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    PJ has got a OK regarding the rogatory letters

    During the next week an inspector from the English Police is expected to show in Algarve, he will reunite with the PJ in order to define all the procedures that should be taken so the rogatory letters can be fulfilled. The meeting was arranjed after the Brisitsh authorities had accepted the PJ's request to conduct diligencies in the Bristish soil. After everything is arranjed, the PJ's inpectors will leave to Great Britain where they will follow all the diligencies.

    As CM [Correio da Manhã] has already said, in a first phase the PJ will want to reinterview Jane Tanner, Russel O' Brien and David Payne, three of the friends who spend the holidays with the McCanns. Only after that it will be decided whether Kate and Gerry will be questioned again.

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    Posted by Li on the 3A's:


    There are two main articles in this edition.
    The first one is the taxi driver story.
    The second one is about the rogatory letter and it says that the letter is already with the Leicester police and that within ten days a team of the PJ will travel to England to monitor the interrogations that will be made by the Leicester police. The first persons to be questioned will be Jane Tanner, David Payne and Russel O'Brien.

    And then there is a little one concerning the reaction of Clarence Mitchell to the taxi driver story.

    Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the McCanns reacted astonished to the declarations of the taxi driver. "The declarations of Mr. Castela are fake. They are ludicrous. He can only be mistaken when he says that at that time he transported Kate and Madeleine with three men", he said underlining the fact that there are several independent witnesses that put Madeleine's parents in a totally different place. How is that possible if at 20,35 several witnesses say that Kate and Gerry were seated at the Tapas restaurant?", he questioned. Clarence doubts of the intentions of the taxi driver. "I am astonished that only now, ten months after, he talks about this. These are declarations that only cause pain to Kate and Gerry", he said, saying that the McCann's daughter has no facial expression. "The only sign to report is the one she has in the eye".
    Meaning of the facial expressions. The taxi driver claims that Madeleine had a twitch in her chin.

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    in Correio da Manha this morning:

    Copied from: post #107

    Madeleine: English policeman in Portugal

    An inspector from the English police was in Portugal this week, to define how the new questionings will be carried out, the British press revealed yesterday.

    Superintendent Stuart Prior arrived on Tuesday and returned to the United Kingdom yesterday. The date on which the PJ's inspectors will go to England to takepart in the interrogations has not been decided yet.

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    Copied from: post #111

    Meanwhile, another book was launched in Portugal today. It is titled "Maddie, Joana and the Criminal Investigation", and it was written by criminologist Barra da Costa, he who publicly stated that the McCanns were swingers.

    Two articles in PT newspapers report about the book.

    Diario de Noticias criticises the book rather heavily, reporting that it focuses on conspiracy theories - the author defends that the 'Maddies' have to disappear to feed the fear and the paranoia that will ultimately lead to everyone being inserted a chip. DN further states that the book also heavily criticises the PJ, which the author served for 30 years, and which seems to have lost its qualities only after Mr Barra da Costa left the force. All in all, the book does not get a good review from DN, which also adds that the author often engages in contraditions and fails to reach any sort of conclusion to his ramblings.

    24Horas dedicates 2 pages to the issue, including an interview with the author. Mr Barra da Costa, who was a chief inspector with the PJ, heavily criticises the police force for 'concentrating on proving that the McCanns are guilty', but at the same time offers his opinion that the couple should have been put into preventive custody right at the start of the investigation, for negligence. He also states that the kidnapper was English, because he 'had to be able to talk to her, and he knew her, because those two factors would have helped to make an exit from the apartment'.

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    24Horas also reports that the family of Mari Luz have received a phone call asking for a ransom of 2 million euros for the recovery of their daughter. The family says they can only raise 300.000 euros if they sell everything they have; they have apparently told 24H that they suspect one of their neighbours. Yesterday, the parents of Mari Luz were received in Faro, where posters were placed all over the city, and a public gathering of solidarity is being planned for the 5th of April.

    Copied from: post #114

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