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    The Ocean Club Resort & Praia da Luz

    Lets ask questions about the resort and the town of Praia da Luz here. MoonGoddess, you should probably keep you very knowledgeable eyes on this thread....

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    The only thing I know about PDL is that the McCanns' apartment was outside the resort proper. They had resort privileges for some perks but not others.

    In May it was getting warm, but the resort wasn't crowded by any means. There were many holiday apartments standing empty when the McCanns visited and would only be opened later during the true summer season.

    The following is from a theory at the Mirror Forums discussing the night Madeleine disappeared:


    At 8:25 pm - the sun set, twilight began (large objects easily visible)

    At 8:53 pm - twilight ended, but not completely dark

    At 9:27 pm – twilight ended, completely dark

    At 9:54 pm – the moon (97% full) started to rise

    So there was 90 minutes between the time the sun went down and the moon rose. Also, the tide was very low that night- one of the lowest of the season

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    Jane Tanner reportedly saw a man carrying a child at about 9:15.

    Look how dark it was already by then--but she was sure later the man was Murat and the child Madeleine, when, by all accounts several days later, she told what she saw.

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