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    Lawyer Found Naked With Girl, 14, Pleads no Contest

    PHILADELPHIA A defense attorney who was found naked with a 14-year-old girl in a city courthouse pleaded no contest to charges of sexually assaulting the teen and five other girls.
    Larry Charles, 50, entered the pleas on Monday, the day his trial was scheduled to begin.
    Authorities have said a sheriff's deputy making his rounds in the courthouse on Jan. 15, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, looked into a lawyers' lounge and discovered Charles and the girl.
    Charles, who often worked in the courthouse as a criminal defense attorney, was charged with rape and related offenses in that case.
    After his arrest, five other girls came forward and testified that Charles assaulted them. Some of the girls testified they were assaulted multiple times over several years.
    The girls who were ages 5 to 10 at the time of the alleged attacks and are now ages 11 to 17 testified the encounters occurred in motels, Charles' office, on the street while trick-or-treating at Halloween, and in the lounge and a court anteroom.
    Charles was charged in those cases with multiple counts of rape, sexual assault, corruption of a minor and other charges. He pleaded no contest to all the counts.
    After entering the no contest pleas, Charles' bail was revoked and he was sent to prison, pending his sentencing on Dec. 20. Prosecutors said they plan to recommend a sentence of 25 to 50 years in prison.

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    I hope they give him the maximum sentence. The nerve of this pervert, a lawyer and all naked with a child in a courthouse! He actually thought he would keep getting away with that?
    They need to make special prisons for sex perverts and keep them all in there for life unless they get a death penalty.

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    No surprise it was a defense attorney! How did he get away with that for so many years? I would like to know how he targeted those girls and where did their parents think they were while all of that was going on? I wonder if he knew the girls and their parents or what? I wonder why at least one of them didn't say anything...did he threaten them or their families? I'm so glad that he was caught. Fifty years old and I'll bet those aren't the only girls he has raped and molested. He probably started doing this a long time ago. Glad they are putting him away for a long time. He will die in prison or close to it before he ever gets out.